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((Carla continuing on from Shelter From The Storm))

Even after running straight from the pub for had seemed like several hours, Carla knew that it hadn’t been that long. She had always been a good runner, but the uneven terrain and the fact that she had cut through wherever she could find meant that the minute she had stopped fleeing, she realised that she was totally lost, even when consulting the map that she had been given. She knew all about the danger zones and the fact that you could easily get killed if you stayed in one and as much as that would be an easy way out, Carla knew that she wouldn’t be able to do something like that, not having the courage to take what she would have said was the right way out of this game, this sick twisted machine for those monsters who had chucked them onto this island. However, there hadn’t been any signs of people for a while, so she was safe at least.

With her fingers sore from clenching onto the bags and her feet sore from the running, she took the moment to stop and breath, taking in her surroundings. She knew that she was close to the sea, having seen it through the trees at one point, but she didn’t want to get on the beach. Images of being chased and falling on the soft sand to get killed flashing through her mind, she decided it would be safer to stay more where there was cover. But her moment of peace was interrupted by the sounds of voices and footsteps accompanied by the sound of vomiting in the distance, a sound which Carla herself had made only a little while earlier in the pub. Looking back, she was feeling guilty about running away and leaving them there. What if the boy had broken in and started to attack them all? After all Carla had a gun on her, that would do some damage if someone had tried to kill her, she could have used it to protect them. Fishing it out of her bag, Carla stared at it, deliberating whether to chuck it into the bushes, but with the approaching people, that would be foolish.

Crouching down behind some bushes, that would at least obscure her, she was the figures in the distance, at least a dozen yards away from her, even more. They didn’t look dangerous at least, more injured. Straining her eyes to see if she recognised any of them, Carla realised that if she wanted too, she could probably shoot them from here, even if she just hit one of them, that would be one less person for her to worry about later on about them trying to kill her. Shocked about even considering it, the cheerleader suddenly felt how comfortably reassuring the weapon in her hands was. All she would have to do would be pull the trigger, one quick motion and then she would have taken out someone who might come for her. What if they had already killed someone anyway, a friend of hers? But even in her head, she couldn’t see herself doing it, least of all to someone who was visibly ill. Maybe the knock out drugs or gas or whatever it was had affected the boy badly enough that he was dying? Unaware of the real reason behind Rizzo’s condition, she softened. Seeing as he seemed to be hurting enough that he was being supported, Carla decided that these two were probably safer. She didn’t even know that Dave and Isabel were in the surrounding area, thinking it was just her and the two boys around. After all, what player would be helping around a seriously ill boy? It didn’t make any sense so she judged that they probably wouldn’t kill her the minute she approached them. But to be on the safe side, she kept her gun firmly gripped, making sure to turn of the safety with an audible click that seemed much louder than she would have wanted. Pushing her way through the bushes, Carla approached the pair, unaware that OC was ahead of them.

As she got closer to them, she saw that they both were shorter than her and looked pretty scrawny. While she was no muscle bound Amazon, Carla reckoned in her mind if they attacked her physically, she should be able to fight them off. But if they were safer, better to get closer. Three people were better than one, plus it was better than that large crowd that had gathered by the pub. She paused, taking a moment to recognise the boys as she approached. She recognised them but had no clue who they were at all. They weren’t even close to her social circle, why would she know who they were besides a passing acquaintance, a face in the corridor? They did look messy and dirty, so odds were they weren’t as lucky as she was to wake up indoors somewhere. But then again, her cardigan was torn already by a bush and her shoes were splattered with drying mud, so she couldn’t really be in the position to offer fashion advice to the pair, despite the fact they obviously needed it. Why was she even thinking of something like that at the time anyway? Stupid thoughts, why did they pop up at the worst time for it?

“Do you guys need help? I’m not going to kill you, Ok? I can just see you seem to be in pretty bad shape” she called out as she approached, waving her free hand as she approached them, wary that they may be much more hostile than they appeared.
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