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God was telling you "not yet".
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Seriously? What the fuck was this guy on?

Raging, she leapt to her feet.

"Fuck off Jeremy! I don't want your help and I certainly don't wanna eat any of your shitty-assed bread! You're a fucking loser, Jeremy Franco - a fucking creepy rat-boy LOSER!"

Much better. That ought to keep him the hell away from her for a while, and hell, she felt pretty good after that. It was definitely one of things she loved about being her fine self; she could do and say whatever the fuck she pleased. Now she could - oh for fuck's sake what's happening now why is Jimmy Brennan talking such shit oh my fucking God.

"Oh shit!"

Leila was the first to look. Up until then she'd been ignoring Jimmy's bullshit rant about how he was the fucking best at this game, but when he started pointing up at the mountain, almost pissing himself, she knew something was wrong.

And she was right.

"GUN! Gun! Shit, shit, Jason got a gun!"

There he was, Jason Harris, standing right above them, with a fucking gun in his hands.

By the look on his face, it seemed he was just as surprised at the unfolding events as everyone else, almost as though he'd been caught red-handed trying to get a good aim on the group.

Oh God, he's going to kill me, the fuck do I do?!

Well, there was one thing she could do. After all, she was the only girl here, wasn't she? Surely that would make her the odd one out if the guy got trigger happy... right?

She eyed her bag as it sat by her feet, wondering if there was anything in there she could use if a fight broke out. Rope, water, bread... fucking bread. Why wasn't Jeremy doing anything? She couldn't have said anything to him that no other girl wouldn't have said before, so he should stop crying about it and get his ratty ass in gear. He couldn't just let Leila die - she was too good to die, way better-looking than all the sluts in their year. Especially that skank Rosa, at any rate. Leila would never drop her panties for a guy, no matter how much he bought for her, no matter how big his dick happened to be. Like Jeremy said, she was a classy chick. No man had ever taken her down before, so what made Harris think he'd have better luck just because he had a gun?

Looking round frantically at the people surrounding her, she began to shout.

"Come on you dickless bastards, do something!"
Hello again.
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