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Nathan hadn't really said anything against going up the mountain. In fact he was glad that they had gone that way instead of the town. Towns brought crowds, and crowds inevitably had people that were all to willing to let loose their weapons on him and his buddies. To be sure he didn't want to deal with that at all.

The climb was long and slightly tiring. He was more known as a sprinter than one that would handle long distance races. Add to the fact that there was elevation as well and he was feeling a little winded. He took a swig of water when they stopped and sat down to catch his breath.

Nathan was surprised that Jason figured he'd be best to be their second in command and start making some decisions for the group. He wasn't exactly leader material, at least thats what he thought. He wasn't meant to take a roll of leadership, he was just going to follow his friends because, well, it certainly beat sitting around and waiting for the timid kid that nobody liked to come to the decision that everyone should die because they didn't add him on facebook or talk to him in the hallways.

Before he could say to much about his newly appointed position. Jason was off, "scouting" apparently. Nathan wasn't exactly keen on that idea. If the leader was the one scouting and he found a player and didn't come back...

Ugh Nathan stop that...

Jason continued to scramble up the face, it looked like he had heard something. His body began to tense up, it was only natural, the fear of what was just over that ridge...

When their scout and leader turned back to them he raised up four fingers which Nathan assumed meant that there were four people on the other side. He confirmed this by mouthing the words, but he neglected to say if they were armed. Well, it was at least something, now all Jason needed to do was go down and...

Nathan heard something ruffling right beside him, which caused him to whip his head to the side and saw Brook looking at his gun. His eyes began to widen and he let out a low hiss.

"Dude," he whispered, "What the hell are you doing? We don't know what's out there yet!"

"No no no, see, listen. Not everyone is as lucky as you all, coming across me. Down there, people are getting their faces ripped off and y'know, all that bad shit. See, I've already had to fight for my life, I'm not even jokin'. They underestimated me, which is what I was expecting. See, I don't mean to brag, but I'm one helluva fighter. I know all about street fighting an' all that, I can probably drop a guy in a punch- I mean, if I WANTED to. Point is, I'm the good guy. Only problem is uh- I gave my weapon to some other kid, because he got a shitty one. He'll last longer that way. He'll still die, but y'know. It's the thought that counts really. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, walking wherever is a stupid idea. You gotta' have a plan. I've been all over this Island, I found a really good safe house. You can wait there, get a few days rest or whatever. I'll take you to it- if you give me that sick-ass Ax you're carrying. Sound like a fair deal?"

Nathan turned back to where Jason was (still) lying, the voice was familiar, it took a moment for him to realize it and then it came to him...

"Is that...Is that that tool Jimmy Brennan?" he mumbled.

Jimmy was one of those guys who did nothing but boast in the weight room during their younger years at Bayview. Then we he pissed someone off he didn't back it up and just ran with his tail between his legs. He hadn't really done much recently, just kinda kept quiet, which was admittedly best for the whole school in his opinion.

"Well this is just perfect... Oi, Jason," he said, trying to keep as quiet as possible, "Just get back he-"

"Oh shit! GUN! Gun! Shit, shit, Jason got a gun!"

Nathan groaned, "God fucking damn it..."
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