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Miranda spat out some dirt and grass that had somehow made their way into her mouth as she fell. She rolled onto her front and sat up, inspecting the damage done to her shins. They weren't bleeding, luckily, but some of the top layer of skin had been peeled off by scraping against the wood and bark. And it still stung like hell.

And then, if to make things worse, she heard Lily call out to her. 'Aw hell, she saw me, she thought, looking round to face the journalist as she asked if she was alright. 'No, I'm not alright. I've tripped over a stump, hurt my legs and now you've probably come to gawk at me and turn it into a news story just to humiliate me,' Miranda harshly thought, though she wouldn't say that out loud. No telling how Lily would react to hearing that.

Miranda just watched as Lily knelt down in front of her, and then she started to pick off the loose bits of skin that were peeling off her legs. Then came the second, more important question.

'What? No, I'm not playing the game,' Miranda thought, having to hold back from rolling her eyes. 'Wait a minute... you don't know that...' Miranda inwardly grinned as the cogs in her brain turned and came up with a plan. Lily didn't know that if she was playing or not, she didn't have to know either. And if Miranda could convince her that she was playing, maybe she would leave her alone.

"Yes, yes I am playing," Miranda eventually replied, putting on a smirk at the girl kneeling ahead of her. 'Now to see if she freaks the fuck out, runs away and leaves me in peace.' Miranda had however overlooked one detail when formulating her plan; she didn't take into account what Lily's weapon was and if she would use it to defend herself from the 'player'.
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