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"Careful now, you khazer. You're wasting that. It'll just come back out again soon. And I'll be damned if you're taking any of mine."

That made Rizzo feel bad. He was ill and this wasn't exactly fun for him. Even if he wasn't throwing up every few minutes... He mumbled an apology as Theo called for OC.

"We need to keep moving. We're still too exposed out here. Hey, OC! Rizzo's down again. You wait for a minute?"

Rizzo stayed silent for a few moments, then frowned. How far behind were they? He was certain it wasn't that far...

"OC...?" he called out in the other boys general direction.

Still nothing.

"Fuck." Rizzo groaned, screwing on the bottle lid. "He must've got sick of us..."

He avoided saying anything that might have indicated that he was the culprit more than Theo was. Though that was certainly what the 'medic' was thinking. If Rizzo wasn't detoxing from his caffeine pill addiction, they'd have an extra pair of hands. Always good in a fight. Though it wasn't as if Rizzo asked Theo to stay with him. And he'd offer to run to catch up with the other boy, but the way he felt he just wanted to curl up and be alone... His legs and back were killing him.

"Do we know which way we're heading?" he asked. He wasn't one for nature - so he didn't even know the sun travelled East-to-West across the sky. He learnt it, certainly, but it hadn't stayed in his head.
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