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((Isabel Guerra continued from Break Up and Break Down ))

Isabel’s legs ached from all the walking, but the more distance they put behind them and that chainsaw-mutilated corpse, the better. Even if her legs had been in ten times the pain they were in now, she wouldn’t have told Dave. She wouldn’t want him to think that she couldn’t keep up; Isabel wasn’t going to be dead weight to anyone.

"Hey, Hold on a second, I need to do something about my fucking knees."

“Sure, no problem. We need a break anyway. I think we’ve made it far enough that we’re safe.”

Isabel sank down and sat with her legs sprawled out in front of her. In her hurry she had taken off into the forest with Dave, not paying any mind to the bushes and saplings on the forest floor. Little scratches and cuts marked the bottom of her legs above her socks.

“Shoulda worn pants,” she sighed, watching the clouds though the tree tops.

She lowered her gaze to Dave and saw him spraying the gash on his knee. Isabel folded her legs underneath her and scooted closer to the wound. She sucked in some air through her teeth. Isabel surveyed him properly for the first time since leaving the fun fair. He did indeed have his fair share of injuries. Now that she noticed them, she felt a little bad for not having gone a little slower.

“Roland sure did a number on you….,” she said softly.

She pushed herself up, grabbed her bag and tugged at the end of her skirt. Isabel stuck her hand into her pack and fished around inside. She pulled out a hair tie, haphazardly bunched her hair up together behind her head and snapped the tie around the mass. She wiped her forehead with one of her overly long sleeves and lastly, picked up her trumpet.

There it was, he asked for her name. This time she couldn’t pretend she didn’t hear it; it was silent except for the sounds of an occasional bird.

My name? Maybe I should just tell him I’m girl 105, that’s what it says on my bag. Can I trust him? Seems sane, no weapon that I could see. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t just try to beat me to death. Why am I so superstitious about names? I should lie; I should tell him a fake name, not like I haven’t done it before in my regular life. But what if we run into someone and they yell out my name or something? That Roland guy knew me and he was the first one who found me. Then he’d be really pissed. If he found out I lied.

Leap of faith

“My name…..is…..Isabel,” she said slowly, finishing with a sigh.

Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? Yes it was.

“Dave Morrison. Nice to meet you,” she said with one hand occupied by the trumpet and the other on the strap of her bag. Her mouth tugged slightly at one side into a half smile. "Okay, Dave. Are we looking for anyone for you? Heartfelt reunion with a best friend? Building up a posse of guys from your sports team or club? One last chance to be with the girl of your dreams?"
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