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Raina stared at the sky some more. There'd better be a heaven for those teachers somewhere. Some teacher's lounge up in the sky where the children weren't so annoying because they were dead and feeling humbled by the experience and all the tests marked themselves and the coffee and copying machines never broke. It sounded like fun, but it was about time she started to deal with reality.

She sat up again. What did she have? Not enough to get off the island alive, that was for sure. Leaning forward on her hands and knees she dragged the unfamiliar bag over before placing it on her crossed legs. The zipper was fiddly, she'd always had a certain amount of trouble with zippers and things but this one was distinctly more fiddly than the fiddly fiddle things she was used to.

fiddlesome mofo... GOT IT.

Inside the bag was... food, right; water, cool; first aid kit, useful? And a weapon, somewhere? She couldn't see it whatever it was.

It had to be one of those concealable spy guns or a jackknife or.. or even a laser pointer. She'd settle for a laser pointer. She wouldn't mind a green one, actually. And when the terrorists came by in their helicopter she could shine it in their eyes and they'd be all "aaargh" and crash. It would be so awesome. As she rummaged around in her bag it suddenly started singing at her.

~Nobody's perfect! I gotta work it!~

oh fuck.

~Again and again 'til I get it right!~

She located and pulled out the Hannah Montana singing pen as it finished its haunting melody. On the bright side at least it was an artist she felt a certain amount of nostalgia for. On the shadowy side she was sooooooo dead.

Unless she could find someone, maybe Bridget, or Miley Cyrus' one true best fan of all time who she could trade with. Hell, they'd probably kill to get it!

... That was probably the wrong turn of phrase and a little too close to the truth now she thought about it.

She clicked the pen again and held it up closer to her ear. Miming the words cheerfully. She wasn't sure whether it was because she found the words inspiring ~You live and you learn it!~ or because it reminded her how much time she was wasting, but somehow it motivated her to get moving. She pocketed the pen and stood up, wiggling her backpack until it felt comfy on her back and throwing the duffel bag over her shoulder.

She could finally get a proper look around at her surroundings, and the first thing she realised was that far from being in a wide expanse of conifers, the tree line was only 10 metres or so away up a slight slope. Behind her was steeper and woodier, so she decided it wouldn't hurt to take a peep out of the forest.

She carefully picked her way up to the treeline, shielding her eyes from the more powerful glare. As her eyes adjusted she saw that ahead seemed to be little more than scrub and tree stumps, to her right the hills seemed to have been eroded into something approximating cliffs. So typical of people to just cut down trees without thinking how they held everything together. behind and to the left the slopes rose to become mountainous. The cliffs and the mountains seemed to frame the panorama in front of her. across the stumps was a river at the edge of the logging zone, and as she followed its winding path, delineated by the forest on the other side, it flowed all the way down to the sea on the horizon. To say it was beautiful was an understatement, even amidst the desolation the scrub was reclaiming the felled woods.

To say it was occupied was also an understatement. In a clear spot not too far away she could see a bunch of people looking... standofish. Someone else was moving away from them and a couple were approaching them. Try as she might she couldn't make out their faces. She wasn't sure if it was the glare or if she'd developed prosopagnosia in the past few hours. That would suck. It'd be interesting, but definitely veeeery sucky.

She decided the smartest course of action was to watch and wait. If worst came to worst she could run through the forest behind her, and the lip of the hill would shield her for a while. She crouched down and kept an eye on the happenings below. She could definitely hear Alice Boucher though, she guessed no-one else in the school could shout vulgarities in French with quite the same enthusiasm. She also recognised Dawne as she walked up and past nearby, she didn't want to call out, with that other group so close. She looked from the group Alice had now appeared in, back to Dawne, and decided she'd much prefer Dawne for company.

She seemed to be heading up towards the mountain. It'd make for a good view, that was for sure, and once Raina caught up with her they'd be able to talk about psyche stuff on the way. Yay!

The 6 foot something crazily tall girl shuffled away from the lip of the hill, righted herself, and walked off in the direction of Dawne's general destination. With her longer legs it wouldn't take long to catch up with her in the woods...

((Raina Morales continued in It's A New Day.))
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