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As much as Steven would like to save every poor soul on the island, he couldn't help but agree. They had nothing that would help either Steven or Brock, and in the coldest way he could think of - they were extra baggage. The girls didn't look like they could hold their own in a fight, and Steven had little to no knowledge of who they were.

Then again, who DID he know? In the time he'd been at Bayview, he'd met only five or six people he could actually have an extended conversation with, and only one he could call a "friend." Luckily for him, he had caught the flu, and was bedridden when Steven last talked to him; he wasn't on the trip. Neither of them would've known at the time, that was probably the last time they would talk... That is, if Steven didn't make it out of SOTF, which wasn't very likely.

I will. I have to. There's no other goal, nothing else is more important than getting the hell out of here.

There was no one on the island he would actually actively seek out. Even if there were, he wasn't even sure he WANTED to find them. It would be almost easier to deal with his friends dying if he didn't have to experience it firsthand. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation was that regardless of where he was or what he was doing, death would be follow him. The stench of death was unfamiliar to Steven, but it was almost nauseating imagining what most of the island would soon begin to smell like... Already distant screams, gunshots, and what he could only assume to be a chainsaw could be heard faintly in the distance. It wasn't cutting through a tree, that was for damn sure. Jesus Christ.

Steven once again turned his attention towards the girls, scratching his neck nervously.

"Well... I mean, I'm not going to tell you not to stick around, but I don't really fell comfortable with..."

With what? They looked scared, maybe a bit helpless. Steven felt helpless too. What the hell do you do in a situation like this? How to you tell someone, who clearly doesn't want to be alone, that you're not going to stay with them? They could die in the next day or two, and even he felt like curling up into a corner and crying at the thought of it. He couldn't imagine telling someone on their deathbed that he wasn't going to stay with them to the end, how was this any different?

It's different because MY life is in danger here. I can get all sentimental about it, or I can think of it in terms of my own survival. I have to.

Still, he really didn't have anything to say to them. Maybe that was it?

"I... honestly don't know what to say. I don't even know what... I just don't know."

Defeated, Steven couldn't bring himself to look at the two girls. The pit in his stomach grew deeper. It would be nice to have a hope in hell of living past nineteen, and maybe have a reason to stay with the girls that wasn't just to have someone to call out to when you were bleeding to death. It would be nice not to have an explosive collar strapped to your neck. It would be nice not to have to watch the people he'd spent the last year around die in front of his eyes. It would be just fucking great if Steven could walk out of this saying that he didn't have to kill someone.

It doesn't look like that's going to happen, does it?
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