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"Charles," repeated Raidon. "Good, I'll..." His fingers were still on the handle of his gun; it would be a moment's work to draw it from his side, aim it, fire...

He wants to die.

He's lost. He doesn't want to die.

He wants-

He doesn't-!

Does it matter? He's an enemy, or will be. You may not kill him now, but if he makes it...

He's a fellow player.

"Charles," Raidon said one final time. "I'm sorry we're meeting like this."

She arrived. A girl who had trouble with his name. That was fine, Raidon was having an equal amount of trouble with hers. Helena? Probably Helen, not a great number of people named Helena. "Yes," Raidon said agreeably. "And you're...Helen, yes?" He waited for her answer. "Seems you had a good draw." He nodded towards the glowstick. "Get someone to bite it, maybe they'll get poisoned." He shrugged. "As for getting out, I woke up here. I, uh...the beach. It's, uh...it's that way." He nodded back the way he'd come. "Take the left at the next junction, it'll take you right out." He shifted, slung his bag over his shoulder.

It was time to go.

He didn't want to, but he would hurt these people, and he didn't think he could do that in good conscience. So.

"I can't join you," he said. "But I'll...I'll remember your names."

And then he was off, taking the juncture away from the direction in which someone had been crying, away from the people around him. Away from having to choose between what he wanted and what every instinct in his body was crying out for him to do.

He couldn't bring himself to wish them good luck.

(Naoko Raidon continued in The Quiet Lives of Baron Saturday)
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