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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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Alan, there's a group over there. They seem friendly enough, so I think it's a good idea to check them out."

Before Alan could say anything in protest, Jimmy began walking towards the group. Alan was too scared to follow through fear of anyone attacking him so he took out his photo of him and Zoey and sat against one of the tree stumps. All the time he was thinking that she could be watching him now on the other end of a television screen, did she know that he was in danger? Was she trying to do something about it? Not that there was anything he could do. He stared at the photo trying to calm himself, listening for a gunshot or a scream as Jimmy called to the group.

"Are, uh...are you okay?"

Alan jumped slightly at hearing David's voice; he looked up sharply, half-expecting the barrel of a gun to be staring back at him. But thankfully it was just David looking down at him. Relieved Alan started to pick himself up and place the photo back into his pocket.

"Me? I'm just... I'm just fine. Did you come from that group of people over there? Are they... Safe?" Alan's hands began shaking again. "Not that I mean to imply that they are... It's just, my friend Jimmy went over to talk to them and I'm just... I just don't want to die, you understand? I don't... I don't want to die..." Alan was babbling so awfully that his words were starting to sound slightly incomprehensible. "But I'm sure you've got you're own survival to worry about... I won't keep you... I'll just sit here and wait for Jimmy to come back or... Something like that..." Alan was close to tears at this point but he held them back, he slumped on top of a tree stump, quivering all over. "I'll pray for you... I'll pray for us all... Pray for our sanity..."
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