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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Mixed feelings seemed to be a lovely concoction that this island just loved to serve out time after time again. Life used to be so simple, it really did, but now... of course it was going to be anything but. For what little of it was left, anyhow.

The drink had been forcefully poured down his throat once more as the girl's shoulders squirmed beneath her grasp, and she had begun to shout. Her screaming was, of course, perfectly acceptable. Ivan wished that he was the kind of person in the kind of situation that would let him just sit right down next to her and scream until his throat gave out. But her screaming was also getting to him, and in more ways than one.

It brought anger back to his heart and nearly made him want to bring his hand across her face, to scream at her to shut up, maybe even to forcefully shut up. That was stopped by the fact that it also brought an immense, crippling pain to his chest. They both knew what he had just done to the broken and fallen boy just out of view behind him. He had killed... he had killed, and that meant he had succumbed to the effects of the game. He was doing what the terrorists wanted him to do and, worst of all, it meant he was no better than Clio.

No... he was worse.

Ivan lowered his head for a moment, taking Tabi's screams head on, and readied his composure in the face of this storm. "Tabi..." he said, but to no apparent effect. The screams continued, the fear continued. "Tabi... Tabi, listen to me!" Ivan raised his voice, but it lacked firmness or anger of any kind. It actually sounded a bit painful, maybe even pleading.

"What just happened, I... I..."

Ivan's eyelids grew heavier and heavier. He wanted to slam his eyes shut, turn his head away, something so he wouldn't have to see Tabi's face staring right back at him, looking at him like the murderer he now was. He forced himself to remain in eye contact in the face of it all, the tinge of green in his glasses showing the torture his mind was now putting itself through.

"It's... that's going to happen, Tabi, but... no, listen to me!" His hands held her shoulders upright, but he released the pressure in his fingers, no longer squeezing them. "I told you, there are no heroes, and I'm sorry I can't be one, but you need to get your head on straight! Calm down... breathe, and don't look at... that... again."

Ivan swallowed the lump in his throat when he said that; even he didn't want to look at what he had just done, and all he had to do was turn around and look on the ground, just a few yards away. The evidence of his crime was right... THERE... and he just wished he could make it go away. Sadly, that wasn't going to happen, but he could do his best to at least calm down the frantic girl in front of him. Maybe she was something of a liability, perhaps she wouldn't hold as much utility as he thought, but he wasn't taking that into account right now.

She didn't deserve to see that.
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