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"Yeah...I don't think it's possible to really tamper with these things here..." Violetta said bitterly, tapping the hard metal with a finger and hoping that didn't cause it to suddenly explode. Her head stayed right where it was and she shrugged, leaving it alone lest she really do something stupid. Still...they had hope and there was always a chance that they'd find a way to disable the damn things. As long as there was at least minuscule possibility...she kept that thought in mind as she shifted the bags on her shoulders. The two boys she had met...Trent and the other guy, seemed like good enough people and they weren't acting crazy, which was always a plus. Then again, if you actually were playing the game, you'd just lie about playing anyway until the truth came out. 'I'm overthinking things again...I just have to go with the flow and let my instincts guide me. If I do that...hopefully they won't steer me wrong.'

"Hey, thanks a lot." Violetta offered Trent a quick smile. "As for where they'd go...honestly, I'm not too sure. If this was back in Bayview, I could name their favorite haunts, but in an unknown island? No freaking clue. Cyrille'd probably find some place to hole up...I don't think she'd be that keen on exploring the landscape and getting into danger. Samantha...um...she's pretty driven, so she'd definitely go trekking, but...no real clues about where she'd go. Perhaps we'll get lucky and run into them, right?"

She took in a breath, really wishing she had something like psychic powers that she could use to pinpoint their locations. Life really wasn't fair sometimes. And what Trent said about a kid being tossed over a cliff really freaked her out too. She remembered something from the last game...where one of the players had an astounding amount of kills near cliffs. She really didn't want that to happen to her and she echoed Trent's sentiment. "Yeah, uh...let's get outta here."

She would have left, too, if it wasn't for someone shouting at them. Turning, she saw another boy running towards him. It sounded like he knew Trent, so Violetta decided to stay and wait to see what was going to happen.
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