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Hayley didn't move an inch as Alex moved his uninjured arm and wiped the smudged eyeliner from her eye. This did not do much good for her emotional state, seeing him all...she didn't even know the word for it. Vulnerable, maybe? Just the sight of that- fucking Alex Campbell, blue-haired, stoner musician Alex, one of her best fucking friends, in pain and clearly trying to comfort her of all things. Just...everything felt so wrong. Everything was wrong! Well yeah, everything's pretty much as badly fucked up as it could possibly ever be, ever. We're on SURVIVAL OF THE FUCKING FITTEST!

Fuck this. Fuck all of it. Fuck anything that could do this to Alex...fuck anything that could do this to me.

Alex was talking again. She broke out of her mental self pity to listen.

"Don't you believe it."

Hayley shook her head, very slightly- it was such a subtle movement that it was unlikely that Alex had even noticed it, and it was more unconscious than anything. She didn't believe Alex. She didn't believe that anyone could remain so calm at a time like this. Not to mention...hell, if someone had shot her she sure as fuck would want his blood. If her friends wanted to kill him for her, so much the better.

She shook her head again, considerably more violently, as Alex attempted to stand, and then succeeded. Oh no, BAD idea. Going to end badly. Definitely going to end badly. She didn't move, though. She couldn't move. She still couldn't think enough to process the thought of moving.

"Jonathan is dead."

That's more like it.

"What did I say? Playing is a zero sum game. Even if you win, you still lose everything."

I wouldn't lose everything. I'd lose a fucking LOT, sure, but not everything. I wouldn't lose Johnny. Johnny's at home. Waiting for me...


"You're angry, you're scared, you want to find the biggest stick and put a bigger hurting on the guy who put one on you."

Well...yeah, that's a fair assessment.

"Forget it. Cause then, you're dead too. Just like Jonathan."

Hayley blinked. She was starting to lose him. Of course, she wasn't exactly thinking clearly. He can't be either, not with a wound like that. He did lose quite a bit of blood...he needs to rest, but, like, we DEFINITELY can't stay here. There was a fuckin' gunshot and we're out in the middle of Club-Medland and there's no shelter here.

Alex was still talking...Hayley's thoughts were confirmed by looking at him. He definitely needed to rest. ASAP.

"If we want any chance of succeeding here, we don't just have to be ourselves. We're not good enough. We're stupid and angry and scared and that's exactly what they want us to be. We have to be better. We have to be brilliant. Anyone who wants to go after Jonathan, go after him. But you're a player if you do and you're no friend of mine if you play. As for me, I'm going to the fairground. I'm going to find a way of this island. Damn it, I plan on living. There's to much of life I've not seen yet."

Hayley said nothing. She'd realized something.

By the end of this game...Alex is going to hate me.

The next sound she heard was a scream- that thought quickly exited her head, and she managed to take control of her limbs enough to stand and rush over to where Alex had collapsed. The sound, hearing him scream-

That, that broke her heart.

For the moment, at least, she couldn't be angry. All her thoughts were focused on Alex. Her eyes were tearing up again. She ignored them.

Fuck it.

"Alex...why do you have to be such a fucking idiot?" Hayley forced a small smile that looked entirely out of place when compared to her eyes. "We...we do need to leave, but you've gotta at least let me help you, okay? Even fuckin' heroes get help every once and a while. Let me help you up."

Hayley reached out to his uninjured hand, hoping to pull him up.
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