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Jimmy felt his blood begin to boil. He grinded his teeth as he strode up the hill towards the group. Jimmy didn't exactly expect a welcoming, especially from anyone from Bayview, but this was beyond rude. It seemed like his past life was simply caring over, from the hallways of the school to this desolate Island. He balled his hands into fists as he climbed the hill, making out the figures. Jeremy was the one who had yelled at him, there another boy and a girl, Leila, Jimmy was pretty certain that was her name. They didn't matter though. He'd tried diplomacy, it'd failed miserably.

People change out here? Fuck that. People don't change. People were ALWAYS like this. I don't threaten them, I don't point a fucking gun in their face, I don't do fucking ANYTHING but walk up, all cool like, and they tell me to fuck off. Well I'm not taking this. Why the fuck should I? I've got a Million to One chance of actually fucking surviving this shit, why the fuck should I listen to assholes like Keith, calling me crazy, assholes like Jeremy Franco telling me to shut the fuck up? Why should I!? Why should they get to stop me!?

"NO! You shut the fuck up Jeremy! Go suck a fat dick you braindead skullfucked faggot! Don't you ever tell me to shut up!" He yelled.

"You have any idea what the fuck I've been through today? Fuckin' down there, people are going crazy! I barely got out alive, that dickhole Keith tried to kill me earlier! I've been walking this entire god damn day, with a fuckin' stick of TNT strapped to my JUGULAR- so don't tell me to shut up! Do you know how much ass I've kicked already today? A fuck-ton! I fucking kicked Keith's ass, because he tried to mess with me! They're all probably dead now, because they tried to fuck with the Jimmy Brennan! So don't push me Jeremy, I'll rip off your tongue and jam it in your ass you slutfucking faggot!"

He kicked a stray rock and sent it skidding down the slope. He glared at Leila and the other boy. Had they even been listening to what he was yelling? He doubted it, they barely gave him a passing glance. Jeremy was talking, ignoring him still. It was only making him more pissed off. He continued up the slope towards the group.

"Hey! Shut up- did you hear a word I just said?!" He snapped at Jeremy. The boy paid him no heed. Jeremy raised something up in his hand. Jimmy squinted. The boy was holding something. A weapon?

That could be useful. I could deck him and take it. That would be so badass, then I wouldn't be stuck with this can of soda... I'd show that fucker Danya, I'd give him one helluva show. Light up this entire Island, then he'll take me collar off and I'd be like "Suck my dick" and chop his head off, just because he pissed me off in the first place..


"Are you even listening to me?" Jimmy snapped again, finally reaching the group. He looked around at them, examining the item in Jeremy's hand. The ascent was a long one, and finally given a chance to halt, Jimmy's question came out in between long gulps of air. He tried his best to conceal it, he didn't want them thinking he was a pussy, not even able to climb a hill.

What the hell is that thing he's holding, a cane? Well that isn't useful, never mind then... God, why is it so hot out? I'm boiling out here,...

He looked at the others. Leila didn't hold anything, and she seemed kind of ticked off. The girl sat on her bag, staring up at Jimmy and the others. Harmless, a nuisance at best.

Probably lost a hairpin or something, that's why she's so annoyed hehe...

The other boy was someone Jimmy didn't recognize. The curly haired boy was silent at the moment, examining the others quizzically. He wasn't really want Jimmy was interested in however. Casually held at his side was something Jimmy was interested in, an Ax.

Holy shit, he could really do some damage with that thing...

As much as he didn't want to admit it, being so close to a weapon made Jimmy nervous. It wasn't the fact that there was one there, but rather the fact that he wasn't holding it.

"All I want is a just a good idea of where I am, darnit." The boy said.

"Oh? A good idea? Hm, well y'know, you could look around. We're on a goddamn Mountain. Fuckin' trees, down there. Lotta' trees. There are some rocks. Oh, there is a sea too. Big ass fuckin' sea. We might be on well, one of those 'Island' things, you may have heard about them. They're a pretty big deal." Jimmy said sarcastically.

"Of course, when you actually think about it, that doesn't really fuckin' matter now does it kid? What matters is we're on Survival of the Fittest. That means we've got fuck-heads with guns walking around in the woods down there, blowin' peoples brains out. Don't even doubt it, I've seen it. Fuckin' half of us are probably dead already, not everyone is smart like me, heading for the mountain."

He smirked at the boy, a thought suddenly dawning on him.

Jimmy Brennan, you are a smart motherfucker... Looks like you've got the upper hand..

"You know, maybe I'll just kind of walk wherever, I'm sure these mountains end somewhere..."

"No no no, see, listen. Not everyone is as lucky as you all, coming across me. Down there, people are getting their faces ripped off and y'know, all that bad shit. See, I've already had to fight for my life, I'm not even jokin'. They underestimated me, which is what I was expecting. See, I don't mean to brag, but I'm one helluva fighter. I know all about street fighting an' all that, I can probably drop a guy in a punch- I mean, if I WANTED to. Point is, I'm the good guy. Only problem is uh- I gave my weapon to some other kid, because he got a shitty one. He'll last longer that way. He'll still die, but y'know. It's the thought that counts really. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, walking wherever is a stupid idea. You gotta' have a plan. I've been all over this Island, I found a really good safe house. You can wait there, get a few days rest or whatever. I'll take you to it- if you give me that sick-ass Ax you're carrying. Sound like a fair deal?"

He looked over towards Jeremy, shooting him a look of disgust.

"Except you Jeremy. You can fuck off and die."

Ooooh, how does that feel Jeremy? Bet you regret makin' fun of me now. I bet they all do. Because I'm smart, and I can win this if I play it smart... I just gotta convince them I know a safe house, jack that Axe and take off and I'll- OHHH SHIT what the fuck is that a bear!?

Jimmy skittered back as a figure appeared on the overlooking cliff behind them, a figure he knew well. Jason Harris.

....Balls. Well that goes out the window.

"Oh shit!" He said, pointing towards the ridge. Jason stood, another boy close behind him. More importantly however, Jason appeared to have something in his hand, he felt as if buckets of sweat were pouring out of him.

"GUN! Gun! Shit, shit, Jason got a gun!" Jimmy squealed.
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