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((Theo Behr cont'd from We all Start Somewhere))

Rizzo was starting to annoy him. The constant stopping, the vomiting. Sure, he'd felt a bit responsible for the guy, but that was before he knew that this was probably self inflicted. Combine that with Orpheus pushing ahead, and Theo was conflicted, drawn between moving to keep up with his best ally and stopping to keep up with the reason he was being kept around. He knew that if Rizzo recovered, he was going to be useless. For that matter, OC probably regarded both of them as useless at the moment, except as cannon fodder.

He heard Rizzo retch yet again from behind him, and paused again to look. The boy was on his hands and knees now, once again emptying his guts onto the ground. Theo sighed. How much more can he have in there? Then he saw the invalid take his water bottle out and take a sip. He stormed over to him.

"Careful now, you khazer." His words had the harsh air of anger about them. "You're wasting that. It'll just come back out again soon. And I'll be damned if you're taking any of mine." Harsh, but it needed to be said. The supplies were limited, and who knew when or if they'd find a source of fresh drinking water. Their best hope would be if it rained, they could maybe collect some, or find a stream leading into the swamp. He should have thought of that before he'd suggested this as the route.

"Now come on." He knelt down beside his patient, as he still thought of him, and tried to get Rizzo's arm round his own shoulders. "We need to keep moving. We're still too exposed out here. Hey, OC!" He yelled into the forest ahead. "Rizzo's down again. You wait for a minute?" He hoped that the larger boy was still within earshot.
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