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Madelyn looked slightly uncomfortable when Charlene asked about how she got shot. It wasn't really surprising to Charlene, not because the situation was already quite the clusterfuck as it was, but because she wasn't paying attention to that facet. But Charlene was able to not only hear, but actually listen to Madelyn speak.

"He, umm... He... He shot you, Charlene. But Alex totally tried to save you! He dove in there like... like some kind of super-hero that takes bullet wounds for other people and got shot in the arm! He probably saved your life. Totally cool. You should remember to thank him, heh heh heh..."

Charlene was about to open her mouth, not to thank Alex (who started to walk in some unknown direction, but couldn't due to the bullet hole in his arm), but to let out a steady stream of cuss words directed at one Jonathan Jarocki swearing to kick his ass at the most humane level, but Madelyn continued to talk as she handed over a first aid kit.

"So, uh, now that you're up and stuff, and since I don't want to hurt you again, do you think you can help me wrap this up with gauze? If we stop the bleeding, it should heal up, right? I'll keep pouring the water to keep it clean if you want. It doesn't look too deep, so if we keep it clean and bandage it I don't think it will get infected. Nope, won't be too bad at all, right?" Charlene just stared at the wound, now fully exposed by the McGuyvering of her left pant leg into a capri pant leg. Needless to say, this was somewhat more than she was used to, having only up to this point having dealt with scrapes from the tennis court, a sprained ankle back as a freshman at cheerleading practice, and a small incision from when she accidentally cut herself in home ec. Charlene coughed, then held her chest in a desperate attempt not to throw up. Luckily, nothing came out of her mouth as she instead fished through the first aid kit for some gauze with her left hand (she had still not relinquished her grip on the gun - in fact, it was just the opposite: her grip had tightened after Jon's actions). Finding a pack, she ripped it open, having come fully back into alertness, and pressed it onto her leg wound, grunting in pain as she did so.

"I am going to kill that fucker." She muttered, pissed off. She would have continued talking about the things she wanted to do, but then she noticed Alex as he screamed in pain from collapsing on his wounded arm.

"... Alex totally tried to save you!"

Charlene flashed back to just a minute before, when Madelyn had told her of Alex's actions, and then back slightly further to when he tackled her.

"Jon! Fuck NO!" She looked at Alex, writhing about in agony ...

"... got shot in the arm!" ... and her eyes, which had been filled with rage just a few moments ago, softened. Alex had tried to save her. He was trying to save everyone (or at least give Danya the proverbial finger). At the very least, she owed him one (of course, trying to take care of her own leg wound made it slightly hard - she didn't know if she could even use her leg without screaming in pain every step).

"Is ... is he okay?" Okay, stupid question ...
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