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((Sorry for the really half-assed post, couldn't think of anything and needed to post quickly))

"You want to die at the hands of the first person you see?"

"Not really, but it's preferable to dying of starvation, or thirst, or danger zone, all alone and deep in the bowels of the Earth just because I couldn't find my way to the surface." Charles responded.

"Seems like a stupid idea to me, I'd much rather die in the sunlight, you know."

"Me too, I figure if the light attracts someone friendly they might be able to lead me to the surface, if not, then at least I'm not alone when I die, you know?"

"If you've had that light on, have you had time to check your map?"

"I checked it before I came down here. I woke up on the north-western area of the mountains, near a tunnel entrance, and when I figured out where I was I decided I wanted to be on the eastern side of the island. Then I decided to take a shortcut, and now I'm lost. Even if they had a map of the tunnel network, and I didn't see one, by the way, I still would be opening it up too late to figure out where I am so... whatever."

"Naoko Raidon, B054, according to my bag. And you are?"

"Charles Richard Dawson," he started, glancing at his bag for his number, "...B038, it seems."

Just then a girl came into the intersection who knew both of them. She must share a class with us. Charles thought, searching his mind for a name... Helen, was it?

"Anyone know the way out?" The girl asked.

"Sorry, I'm as lost as you are," He responded, then asking, "Anyone have any ideas to remedy this?"
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