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Well, his rather reasonable offer had been refused, which sucked, but him carrying it in his pocket or bag with the safety on and probably unloaded seemed fair to Sunil. Jay would probably still find a way to accidentally shoot one of the group, preferably himself, but the gun being safely lodged away in his bag was better than nothing. Sunil, scratching a really annoying itch behind his right ear, mentally assessed the situation. John seemed cool, and was definitely being the most logical person in the group right now. Jojo was annoying and seemed to side with Jay, but overall didn't seem dangerous or crazy, while Jay....well, Sunil wasn't the type to easily forgive someone who almost shot him. Going by the way Jojo and Jay seemed to expect Sunil to forgive and forget, that made him a rare individual.

"Well, if we go looking for Maria, we can look for food. With my book here, we should do just fine."

"I know some things about plants, too. I like to garden, so... You know. That's how. I should know some things without having to look in the book. But we can double-check."

"Yeah," Sunil muttered, "I know some stuff about plants and stuff as well." Which is good, three of the four members of the little team seemed to have a shared interest, which should make getting along much easier, as well as the interest being a very practical one in such a hostile situation like this. Jay, in contrast, didn't seem to be the type to have much interest in most plants.

"So...." Sunil said, sitting on the ground and crossing his legs. He was speaking in a rather formal tone, he didn't yet quite feel like talking to Jay or Jojo in a casual or friendly way. "Err...so, why are we going? And what Maria are we looking for; don't quite know who she is or who you mean." Shifting around on the ground to get more comfortable, Sunil was visually annoyed at the fact he'd chosen to sit on a rather muddy, damp bit of grass, but he had bigger worries at the moment, he'd end up getting rather dirty and smelly by the end of this scenario anyway. Pulling his bags towards him, he produced a bottle of water from the daypack and gulped down a few sips. His throat had gotten rather parched and sore from being so angry.
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