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Robert's focus on Alex was shattered by the feeling of cold steel sliding into the back of his neck. He gasped, twitching slightly as blood poured down the front of his body. Slowly, he looked down to see the tip of the knife sticking out of what he could only assume was his jugular vein. Somehow, his hands still held the chainsaw tightly. Not tightly enough. Alex's foot struck the saw, knocking it out of Robert's hands and, incidentally, breaking his hand from the force. The chainsaw bounced when it hit the ground, spinning slightly. Robert watched, unable to do anything as Alex picked up the chainsaw and revved it a few times. He knew what was going to happen, and he didn't care. It was easy to stop caring when you were already dead. Introspection wasn't in Robert's nature. He just... closed his eyes and gurgled a farewell to his mother.

"I'm sorry, Mom."

The chainsaw ripped through his fragile diaphragm, ripping through his stomach and splattering his guts all over the ground. Although he couldn't feel it (his blood pressure dropping so fast that death was nearly instantaneous), without the support of his diaphragm, his lungs sagged, causing him to breathe in. The last thing the chainsaw hit, his spine, caused the blade to twist and drop slightly, tearing the tissue of his back apart. While all this was happening, the spinning chain threw blood and organ pieces and bone pieces and other viscera everywhere. Robert's lifeless body slumped to the side, forcing his left kidney through the literal organ grinder and out of his body, where it made a pathetic strike from beyond by splattering on Alex's left shoe.

Alas, Robert was not able to appreciate this pathetic gesture. For he is now

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