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((B154 - Johnathan McDowell START))

Uh... what?

Johnny slowly sat up, rubbing his head in confusion. How long was I out...? Johnny's vision was slightly blurry and couldn't focus on his environment for the moment. "Hey Michelle, I had the weirdest dream... something about a kidnapping. How long was I asleep?" He waited for a few seconds and received no response. "Uh...Michelle?" Once again, no response. Johnny thought she was still asleep, so he reached over, trying to shake her and get her to wake up. It didn't matter how far he extended his arm, he couldn't reach Michelle. He quickly rubbed his eyes and looked around carefully.

Where the hell am I?

He only saw a fence by his feet and ground all around him. He looked to the direction he was extending his arm. Michelle wasn't there, instead there were two bags. "Why are these bags her-" Although he didn't it to happen, things started to make sense. "It... wasn't a dream?" He tried to remember what was said in the introduction but couldn't quite remember much. He touched his neck, feeling the metal collar that was placed on him. All he knew was that trying to tamper with it would result in something bad, so he left it alone. Now realizing the bitter reality, a sign of despair appeared on his face.

On the bus he didn't have the guts to ask her out, and now they're stuck on an island where only one survives. "I'm such an idiot..." Johnny had a hard time pulling back the tears that forming, but he was able to manage. He pulled one of the bags, the one marked B154, towards him and looked inside. He found several supplies that could turn out useful. The one that caught his eye was a box. He tried to open it and noticed the ballerina inside. He chuckled a bit, "Heh, they want me to kill with this?" He promptly returned the box back into the bag.

He looked up again and tried to see if anyone was around. He noticed three people further down, although he couldn't tell if they were amiable or not. He decided the only way to do so was to go down there and meet them. As he got closer towards them, immediately recognized one of them. It was Trent Hunter, a member of the school's hockey team and a candidate for the school council. The other two he had seen around school, but didn't know them well. At least they seem friendly... maybe they've seen Michelle anywhere. He hurried over, with a small bit of hope, now seeing that they were planning to leave.

"Hey Trent wait up!"
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