"We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things." - Alba Reyes

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Now you may be wondering, who was wearing the bolo tie? Me or the shark? Answer: YES!
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((Super-delayed post. Writer's block is a cruel mistress.))

And now everyone was just coming right out of the woodwork.

Heh. Woodwork. We're in the woods. Better not say that one aloud...

So, first there was Jimmy, and then - no, first was him, because he'd kind of walking in on what he didn't exactly want to call their 'moment,' seeing as that words was generally used for something more magical than a shouting match. So, there was him, and he had to guess that Jeremy had burst in before he had, since neither he nor Leila was dead, as would be the most likely outcome of them traveling together. Darnit.

So, there was Leila. And then Jeremy, and then himself. And now Jimmy, who had walked into the open and ruined his excellent disguise as an extremely foul-mouthed tree. Just when things were getting awkward, there was some disturbance and a rock came tumbling down to his level, and there was another guy walking on some little ridge. And meanwhile, everyone seemed to be vying for the attention of the one girl. It was kind of like a feeding frenzy, or that one time when someone had dared to say the word "baby" in a nursing home. And all he wanted was just a good idea of where he was, darnit.

"All I want is a just a good idea of where I am, darnit."

The whole scene was quite a bit more than he had expected, just a few minutes ago and he was strolling unaware over the mountain and now there were a bunch of people here, and really the thing he wanted most was a nice place to go sit down or lie down or something, maybe take a nap or something, just to rest himself and be ready for whatever came next. But this - oh, honestly, three slices of bread? Is this The Bachelorette?

He frowned. He didn't want to just slip away unannounced, which would be rude or something, although that didn't really matter because holding out your pinky didn't stop bullets. He strolled over to a tree and sat down on a matted tangle of exposed roots, looking over the situation, eying the guys surrounding Leila, looking up at the elevated hiker with only slight consternation, probably being a lot cooler about it than he had expected. Swinging the spike of his axe into the ground, he looked on, wondering if he could even get a word in edgewise.

"You know, maybe I'll just kind of walk wherever, I'm sure these mountains end somewhere..."



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