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(Any GMing of Nick was done with his permission)

It seemed so simple at first... All he had to do was earn the trust of ONE tiny oriental girl, who from the looks of things had quite a mouth on her (The little skank...). But then some red-haired imbecile had to show up and complicate matters, only to THEN be followed by some blonde bimbo who distracted Maxwell from his already unstable train of thought...

Damnit! Where the hell are all these people coming from?!? Did they all just suddenly materialize out of thin air or something?

He had to say something... Anything! Standing around like some slack jawed yokel was only making himself look even more idiotic then he originally intended. But right before he could say anything, the oriental girl began to talk again. This time in was seemed to be a "threatening" tone of voice. Does she really think she can intimidate ME? I'm twice her size, the insipid little cow. Who does she think she...

... Wait, what?!? She's leaving!?! No, DAMNIT! NO! Don't you DARE leave me alone with these morons! And least YOU have some semblance on intelligence behind that shrewish tongue of yours!

Maxwell was practically at the end of his rope by this point. He didn't like it when things didn't go according to plan... And things had definitely NOT gone to plan... All it'd take now to infuriate Maxwell to the point of dropping his act would be one more little comment from Miss Reiko "Bitchalot". And, sure enough, as she passed Maxwell...

"And your date's name was Vera, you ass."

That was the last straw... There was only so much Maxwell's ego could take before he'd finally had enough of Reiko's little comments. Who did she think she was, talking down at him like that? He was Maxwell Lombardi! A true gentleman, a man of great taste... NOBODY spoke to him like that at got away with it... Nobody...

Enough games. He wasn't going to just stand here and let her insult him like this! Like he was just another sheep in the herd of idiocy otherwise known as the students of Bayview Secondary School. He was going to show her a piece of her mind, show her what he was REALLY like! Putting on the goofy act was an idiotic idea to start with, Maxwell realised that now... Nobody would respect a man who just tripped over themselves on their way down a hill, would they? If he was going to be treated with the respect and manners that a refined gentleman like himself deserved, then Reiko here would need to be taught some manners...

"Now see here..." he started, the polite tone from earlier completely absent. But before he could begin his little tirade against the girl who'd insulted him once too often, yet ANOTHER student had popped up completely out of the blue.

W... W, What? WHAT?!? Oh you have GOT to be joking!

He was so distracted by this new arrival that he barely noticed Reiko as she walked off into the distance. By the time he finally noticed what had happened it was far too late to do anything about it...

No no NO! God DAMNIT, she's gone!

He was furious. Absolutely furious. She'd gotten away, gotten away with INSULTING him like that! The fact that'd she dared demean him was bad enough, but to actually get away with it without letting him at least make a witty retort? Unforgivable... Truly unforgivable...

That blonde girl then began to ask them some inane question about where she could find any of the cheerleaders, or some cock by the name of Nik Kronwall. The redhaired idiot seemed to answer for him, mentioning two more people Maxwell didn't give a damn about. There was only one reply Maxwell personally felt like giving at that moment in time for the annoying airheads that seemed to have swarmed around him...

"Oh, will you all just shut the FUCK UP!"

Then, almost as if it were on cue, a Molotov cocktail flew in right the hell out of nowhere and hit the redhead in the back of the head, lighting him up like a giant matchstick.


...Oh, fuck you. Fuck you! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!

He barely got out of the way in time as the flaming redhead began to flail about, screaming unintelligently as he was quickly engulfed in flames. There wasn't really any way to describe the sheer horror of what was happening. Never in all his days had Maxwell been more shocked, more disgusted by the unimaginably disturbing sight before him. The horrific screaming, the helpless flailing, the smell of burning flesh... Little to say, the image of Daniel burning away like that was doomed to stick in Maxwell's mind for the rest of life.

After the initial shock wore off, it didn't take long for it to transpire into pure unhinged rage as he came to the realization that somebody has just tried to murder him.

Somebody is trying to kill us! KILL us! KILL ME! The BASTARD! THE STUPID FUCKING BASTARD!

His eyes darted about quickly, trying to pinpoint the location of their attacker. He spotted him within seconds, an injured boy with a lighter in his hand. Yet ANOTHER bastard who'd suddenly popped out of complete nowhere, only this time he wasn't interested in initiating in small talk.

He's unarmed... And injured for that matter. If i'm quick, then perhaps I could...

He turned to the others, quickly stating "Well don't just stand there! Put the poor bastard out!" before making a dash towards their assailant who as it seemed was already trying and make a run for it. Hopefully, if they acted quick and DIDN'T stand around like a bunch of lemmings waiting their turn to be immolated then perhaps they could actually save the poor guy's life... Who Maxwell was surprisingly concerned about. Not that he suddenly liked the guy or anything, but the idea of somebody burning to death like that was just the most horrific thing Maxwell could imagine. And quite frankly, NOBODY deserved that kind of fate...

He quickly caught up with the boy, giving him a well deserved punch to the face, knocking him to the floor with a heavy thump. He tried to roll out the way, desperately trying to escape before Maxwell delivered a kick to his injured arm. "Oh no... you're not getting away THAT easily!".

He gave Nick another kick, this time to the defenceless boy's stomach, causing him to cough uncomfortably. After delivering the brutal blow, Maxwell quickly turned the boy over and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. He struggled for a moment, elbowing Maxwell in the shoulder blade before being on the receiving end of Maxwell's fist once again. "Do you have ANY idea what the hell you've just DONE!" he said through gritted teeth, hoisting the boy up before giving him another thwack to the face. "You BASTARD! Its because of cunts like you that most of the people on this island are going to wind up dead! Dead you fucking hear me! DEAD! All because of selfish BASTARDS like you!" he shouted at the boy, emphasising the "bastards" at the end with yet another punch to the face.

In an act of desperation, Nick's head shot up suddenly and smacked Maxwell on the nose, causing him to stumble back somewhat. ARGH! Cheap bastard! My fucking nose is bleeding! Son of a BITCH!

The lanky boy tried to struggle to his feet after being on the receiving end of so many harsh blows, only to be knocked to the floor once more as Maxwell delivered another brutal kick to the boy's unprotected side. From there on out, Maxwell dealt out a smooth succession of kicks to the already injured Nick Reid as he struggled hopelessly to get away. As much as he didn't want to accidentally kill the guy, the very fact that this lowlife had caused him to literally bleed had clouded his judgement somewhat. Not that he didn't try to pull his kicks or anything, but in all the excitement he was starting to get somewhat... Carried away.

Unless somebody intervened soon, there was a very distinct possibility that Maxwell could end up doing the exact same thing he was chastising Nick for...
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