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((Rizzo Vitoria continued from We All Start Somewhere))

Even before they left the section of swamp where he woke, Rizzo was feeling rough. As the detoxification of his body continued, he felt weaker and weaker. He held up the group - him, Theo and Orpheus - several times because he needed to stop and throw up. He was just glad it had all been coming out the top end of his body...

"Ugh..." he groaned, his hands on his knees and head bowed. He didn't realise he had that much in his stomach... He didn't really have time to warn the other two, so he hoped they had heard him throwing up and were kind enough to stop. As the object of this game was complete and utter genocide of their graduating class, they didn't really have to stay with him.

He leant over to his bags and plucked the bottle of water from it. It was almost half-gone. Like the amount of time left in their lives, he decided. He left it hanging out of his bag after the second time he had to stop. His mouth was so dry...

He straightened as he opened the bottle, stepping back from the puddle he created on the ground. At least it was next to a tree... His joints ached, his back hurt, his headache wasn't going and he had a constant reminder that he was going to die in the next few days. He had a nice explosive necklace trying to choke him... All it would take was for one classmate to go nuts and start killing. Then, if they got stopped, others would be paranoid and shoot/stab first and ask questions later. Accidents, stupidity, payback... The reasons to kill in this kill-or-be-killed situation were many.

He lifted the bottle to his mouth and sipped the partly-cool water. If it wasn't in the bag, it would be room temperature at least... It had no taste, but it certainly tasted better than the acrid taste of vomit.
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