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John was surprised that Jojo would decide on such an extreme measure. They were here to fight for their lives, after all. Who would protect Jay? They would have to. At the same time as protecting Maria. And why would they want to do that when he could protect himself just as easily?

"I agree Jay shouldn't have his gun out but he should still be allowed to carry it. If he agrees to put it in his bag or pocket with the safety on will it be alright?"

John nodded, agreeing with the sentiment. And it seemed Jay did as well. It would be safest if they didn't let him keep hold of it. He seemed to point and click... But since the ammo was in the bag too, if they got fired upon, he could dive behind cover and load the gun. Or if he got shot or hurt, anyone could grab it...

"Well, if we go looking for Maria, we can look for food. With my book here, we should do just fine."

"I know some things about plants, too." John told Jojo. "I like to garden, so... You know. That's how. I should know some things without having to look in the book. But we can double-check."

He went over to the gun and picked it up - nobody else seemed to be going to it. It was a lot lighter than the shotgun... Probably less deadly to a crowd though.

"Open your bag." he told Jay. "We don't want Maria to get hurt or lost."
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