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do you want to go to war, balakay?
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Trent shifted uncomfortably. Fuckin' terrorists. Of course they'd done this before. They'd probably gone through so many different combinations of collar designs and danger zone setups and all that crap, he knew that the odds one of them finding some sort of weakness in the design was nearly infintessimal. It was like jail, it really was. Except in jail, they give you a decent meal, and they don't threaten to blow your head off if you go in the wrong room.

Nah, they just threaten to shoot you, instead. Much better.

Scratching his beard again, Trent didn't like how things were shaping up. His two newfound allies seemed to be decent people - Jane was far more of a talker than the other guy, whose name Trent still didn't know, but they both seemed grounded. People would need to be grounded if they wanted to stand any kind of a chance of living past day one. If they wanted to avoid ending up like cliff-boy down there.

He shuddered. The thought hadn't really occurred to him that people would be so zealous towards killing - it was disturbing, to say the least. Having a history like his didn't lend well to that sort of idea. Instantly, Trent found himself wanting to get away from the corpse that probably lay at the bottom of the cliff. Away from the presence of death.

"Okay, gotchya. Samantha Ridley, blonde chick, and Cyrille, of course. I'm not really set on seeing anyone in particular - nobody who comes to mind, anyhow. So if we wanna find these girls...look, you know 'em best. Where would they go if they were freaked out and looking to meet up with their friends?"

He glanced back at the cliff face.

"I think we should start figuring out where to go next, because...well, I'm pretty sure I just saw a kid get tossed off a cliff, and to be honest, I'd like to get the fuck out of here!"
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