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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Ivan brought the branch up, then over his head, then down again. The boy was no longer offering much resistance. Then again, the boy no longer had much of a discernable face. But... there was no way out of this course, no way to stop the actions, because when all was said and done, Ivan's world had fallen apart. His entire life, his entire collection of hopes, dreams, possibilities, relationships, they were all locked far away to where he couldn't get them unless he waded through an ocean of blood.


There were screams, but Ivan no longer could tell if they were Keith's or Tabi's. They had no voice, just ghostly noises, white scattered noise in his head to counter the red that dominated his vision. The body at his feet, the one that he continued to pummel, Ivan knew it could no longer perceive much of anything, and certainly not its plight, nor his. And yet, he swung again.


Why? Why had this happened to them? In any other happenstance, these two would have continued living completely seperate lives. They would not have been friends, but Ivan would still be on track. Tabi would still be living whatever life she had been before, and best of all, he would have had no care nor involvement in either one of them. All of that would have been fine. So why, why!? Ivan repeated the question in a croaking, overloaded mutter without realizing it, as his own voice did not matter for the time being. He raised the branch one more time, and lowered it with no more force than what gravity had to offer.


B152, Keith Christoph - DECEASED.


Ivan threw down the branch, staring at the results of his actions. Just moments ago, this lifeless, bloodied and broken shell on the ground on front of him had held life. And he had just taken it away.

There are no heroes in this game.

And so the island had changed him too. Even with as meager a goal as he had given himself, Ivan could not pull through. He could not succeed, rise above what others had sunk themselves down to. Ivan stared at the caved-in remnants of Keith's face for a few agonizing seconds before his eyes, his mind, neither could take any more. They tried to escape that horrific view, only to settle upon the innocent branch that had been held by guilty hands, and now stained with the blood of his victim. The boy that Ivan had killed in cold blood, all because he was driven by fear.

There were cameras... he knew the sick fucks putting them through this hell were filming them, and it was highly likely that his family could, WOULD, watch. Aunt Vera, his mother... Louis... if they had seen, would they take him back? Even if Ivan had survived, he knew they wouldn't. They would see him as a monster, a monster who could only be redeemed by succumbing to the horrible game himself. Redemption only by lowering oneself to the equal status of their victims, which... in this case, meant that Ivan would have to die. He had never expected to live, he knew that he would have to say his goodbyes to his brother, but knowing that on the other side of that camera lens, a million miles away, Louis might not listen.... He might not want to listen to his big brother, who was now a murderer.

It was all too much to stand. Ivan's hands gripped his head at the templed. He turned and limped towards the tree that he had met with just moments earlier, or an eon ago... he couldn't tell how long it was. Upon approaching the trunk, his hands reached out to grasp at it, pushing at it with all the strength he had left to keep himself standing. His mouth opened to scream, but no words came out any longer. His lips repeatedly mouthed the word 'why', and he squeezed his lungs to try and force out as much air as he could, but his voice would not respond.

A tremendous amount of pressure had been building up behind his eyes as well, and Ivan produced the first few tell-tale heaves of sobbing. His head pressed into the rough bark of the old, dying tree, his lips pulled back and his teeth clenched tight.

No... please, not now...

If you cry... you're weak.

If you're weak, you give in.

If you give in, it really is all over.

You still haven't pulled it together, you haven't said goodbye.

You need to say that.

He WILL listen.

There was a loud hiss as he breathed in, and Ivan pulled back away from the tree, releasing the pressure in his jaw. He did what he did for a reason, in order to keep himself and Tabi alive. That was where he was going to leave it, if only simply because he couldn't afford to think of a better reason why. It was here that he could once again hear the screaming. Ivan turned, still catching his breath, to see Tabi screaming. He had a pretty good idea of what she was screaming at, and immediately moved between her and it, his hands laying down hard onto her shoulders.

"TABI!" Ivan shouted, but the girl seemed to be curtained behind a wall of fear. ... Understandable, really, but he had to get through, somehow. He moved his head with hers until he could definitely align his eyes to the screaming girl's, staring at her and hopefully blocking her view of anything else. The grip on her shoulders squeezed significantly tighter for a moment, but then it relaxed once more.

".... Tabi." When Ivan spoke again, she spoke her name softer. It wasn't sweet, it wasn't nice, but it was gentle, in his best attempt to reach out to her.

Listen to me.
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