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Lily had been about to set on her way when a cry of pain from behind her draw her attention. When she wheeled around to look who had made the noise, it was hard for her to see at first if there was anybody at all. She got lucky when she looked down a bit, and saw Miranda Merchant sprawled out on the ground, from the looks of things having tripped over the stump.

For a cold-gut half second, Lily wondered and almost believed if the girl had been stalking her, maybe thinking about killing her, but she let that thought go. Lily had seen her around when she'd interviewed the swim team once, and though the girl seemed a little bit standoffish, Lily didn't think she was anything more than that. Truth be told, Lily was just happy she'd run into someone at all.

"Hey, are you alright?" She called out, and started to hop over and skirt the stumps in her way, taking care not to trip. First thing you say to anybody on this island, and it's a question. Next you'll be taking down her initial thoughts on the game and her plans, Lily thought as she jogged, with no small amount of bitterness toward herself.

The journalist made it to Miranda and knelt beside her, taking care to put at least a foot of space between her and the prone girl. Lily wasn't about ready to give anyone the benefit of the doubt yet, If you assume, you make an "ass" out of "u" and "me".

"Are you....Are you playing this game?" She asked, and felt stupid for doing so. She felt like a hooker asking a potential customer if he was a cop or not.
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