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Tabi had stared into his eyes for what seemed like hours, hoping for some sort of response from Ivan but found no such response from him. Her head started to bob down in defeat, a wave of cold washing over her already shivering body. She began to retract her arm and began to hug herself.

"Get lost!"

Her head shot up to look at Ivan, she had thought for a moment that he was asking her to leave, but saw that he was staring out in the distance. She turned in the direction and saw Keith Cristoph appearing from the trees.

Tabi remembered Keith from Bayview, he was, by all accounts a really quiet kid. He was tall (then again who wasn't at her school?) and unassuming. She had tried to make friends with him every once and a while, like she always did with her fellow student body but he brushed her attempts off, preferring to read books to himself. She didn't mind that, some people just weren't very sociable and Tabi had lots of other friends to spend time shopping with or to hang out at the skate park with.


Tabi saw the look on Ivan's face and was afraid of what she saw. Ivan had had a similar look at one point earlier today, and that lead to him getting shot to get her out of there. He was injured now and Keith was advancing closer and she didn't want to see Ivan or Keith get hurt.

As Keith began to talk back to them, Tabi found herself slowly shifting back behind Ivan once more. He kept on moving closer...and he was sounding like he had a weapon. Was he after their packs? Or was he after something more...

"Now... why don't we start by you backing away from your backpacks so-"

Tabi could barely process what had happened next. Ivan sprung up like a rocket charging towards the large boy, who then proceeded to launch Ivan towards a lone pine tree nearby. Sending him crashing to the ground with a loud snap.

"Ivan!" Tabi screamed starting to move towards where he had fallen. She had passed a now running Keith before skidding to a halt. Her jaw began to drop and her eyes began to widen.

Ivan had leapt back up again and had ran past her, brandishing a large and gruesome looking pine branch. She turned and watched helplessly as the shorter kid caught up to Keith and swept the large man's feet from under him.

She had tried to rush to where Ivan and Keith now stood.

"Stop it Ivan! Don't-"


Tabi froze in place as Ivan brought the branch down on Keith. The world was becoming hollow again, and everything began to move as if time had slowed down into nothing. Tabi wanted to move, she wanted to run, she wanted to stop Ivan from doing this, but she couldn't move. It was as if she was back at the swamp, and the suction was pulling her down, forcing her to stay and watch what she was now seeing.


She had wanted to cry again, but now no tears would come to her. She just stood there, squinting her eyes, but still able to see the carnage that was unfolding in front of her. She heard a loud series of screams, they weren't her own, they couldn't be her own, it was Keith's, his glasses had now shattered into pieces after that second swing. He was scared, just like she was...


More screams, and now, there was blood trickling from Keith's nose and face, she couldn't see any more from this distance. Blood was now on the branch as well, after three swings it was already looking like it could break at any moment. Tabi couldn't tell what was going through Ivan's head, her vision starting to haze into a blur...


Tabi's legs collapsed from under her, and she began to sob dryly. She tried her hardest to curl into a ball as if to protect herself from the world around her, she could see no more of it, she didn't want to see any more of it, but she could hear. The screams wouldn't stop, she tried to cover her ears, and press as tight as she could, anything to deafen the noise of the world around her, but it proved fruitless, she could still hear the screams, she could still hear Ivan.



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