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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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The blood in Ivan's body had begun pumping full-force once again. His heart was now pounding in his ears, threatening to push his eardrums right out of their place. Half of this was pure shock; he wasn't expecting anybody to really follow them, and when somebody appeared from nowhere, he feared it was Clio with that gun, ready to finish the job that she had started. Or maybe it was Etain, who had somehow procured a weapon and decided to take revenge for Ivan hitting him.

It wasn't either of those people, but that did little to placate the burning that was rising up in the boy's chest. For once, Ivan couldn't even place the name of who this person was. He might've known at one point, and maybe if he was calmer, he could work it out as to who it was. Sadly for the both of them, he no longer cared. This lack of caring was only diminished (assuming it hadn't actually hit rock bottom yet) by the very fact that the boy had done the exact opposite of what he had asked; he stepped closer.

"Hey..." the strange boy started, looking mostly at Ivan, but his eyes flickered every so often to Tabi. "First off, it looks like you're injured, and weaponless, so you should probably calm down when people approach you. Also, considering I'm the bigger of the two and may just have something packing on me, it's YOU who should probably back off."

Keith watched Ivan shake, but the boy had a rather apparent and bloody bandage on his arm, and was considerably smaller than Keith himself. He didn't have any weapon more powerful than those god-awful marriage licenses, something hardly capable of doing something more than inflicting a minor paper cut, but these two kids didn't have to know that. If he wanted to survive, it was a simple fact: loot others who were too emotionally weak to stick up for themselves, then use the equipment to protect yourself from those who did.

Keith took a nice, calm breath, the best he could muster, and spoke again. "Now... why don't we start by you backing away from your backpacks so-"

Neither boy had expected or was really prepared for what happened next.

All the rage that had built up inside Ivan had been looking for an outlet to release itself on. Tabi, Clio, Etain, and now this fucker, nobody seemed to want to leave him alone. He was weakened, injured, there was blood in the water... so of course. OF. FUCKING. COURSE. Somebody had to hunt him down like a coyote, a rabit, festering, parasite-ridden dog that opportunistically sought to steal what little possessions Ivan had left. He couldn't have that.

Any scream Ivan made was purely internal, but it was louder than any true noise to him as he rushed to tackle Keith. The larger boy acted on instinct; Keith really hated fights. In his words, 'pain BAD', and he usually did anything he could to avoid getting into them. It looked like pure flight wasn't an option here, though, and he had to think fast before -


Keith grabbed the arm Ivan was leading with in his charge and turned with his momentum, flinging him as hard as he could. He let go of the boy to watch him stumble and turn, trying to stop himself and failing from smashing backwards into some of the limbs of a decrepid-looking tree. He heard the crack, saw the boy fall to his hands and knees, and decided that now was the best time to turn tail and run.

Ivan hadn't realized what had happened until his back was already set for its collision with something hard, something that hurt like a bitch. As whatever it was brought itself across its spine, Ivan heard a loud 'crack' and hoped it wasn't his back. For a moment, pain coupled with the horrifying thought that it WAS his back, and his knees gave way to send him crumpling to the ground. Panting, he struggled to push up on his left arm and glare upwards at the interloper. He was... running away?

No... you're not getting away... don't run... DON'T RUN FROM ME!

His glasses may have been green, but Ivan now saw nothing but red. It took him a moment to get to his feet, and Ivan blindly reached around him for support. On the ground, his left hand came into contact with something wooden. Picking it up without much of a thought, he brought the object around to the front of him and pushed up on it: a broken tree branch... likely the thing he had just met with violently. Just as silent as before, Ivan pushed off and began to charge, ignoring the shooting pain in his body. Keith was running right past Tabi to get away, but Ivan was faster. Even with his body aching and crying for him to stop, he sprinted at full power until he was within range, striking down at the boy's legs.

Keith's cry echoed a bit in Ivan's head, playing in perfect harmony to the branch breaking once again, leaving a particularly large knot at the end of it. Keith, unknown as such to the furious Ivan, fell to the ground in pain. Maybe his legs were broken, maybe they weren't, but they definitely felt broken. The boy rolled over and screamed from the agonizing pain the branch had just inflicted, but Ivan was waiting to bring the branch down on Keith's face. Again. And again. And again.




Right in front of Tabi.
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