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There was one person he wanted to find. He was keeping that to himself though. He wasn't sure what it could hurt for anybody to know who he was looking for, but he knew that he was being watched. He would only say what he wanted Danya to hear. Instead of volunteering information about his relationships, he busied himself with studying the Violetta's collar.

"The design is good. It would most likely be quite difficult to remove without setting off the bomb inside. It's not a bluff either. These things will explode if you cause trouble, or get caught in a forbidden zone. I'm guessing we'd have to somehow get to the main computer to get them off."

In truth, the collars could probably be disabled and removed if he had a transistor radio and the schematics for the collars, but even if he could find and dismantle a radio, there was almost no chance of getting the plans to collars. To access remotely he'd need a computer, a power source, and some way to access the internet. And a hacker. Software was not Owen's area of expertise.

In all reality, the most likely way off this island is to play the game, and win. They've done this before. They know all the tricks. We're all fucked, and I think we all know it. Just nobody wants to admit it yet.
Takeshi Yoshikawa
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