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((Keith Christoph continued from Woods of Paranoia))

The air on the mountain was cooler, crisp. It would have seemed rather nice when compared to the duff-filled air of the darkened woods, except there seemed to be something odd about it. Keith couldn't really put his finger on it, but as he trekked up the path, looking for an ideal spot to rest, he took a peek up at the sky. Whatever this feeling was, it was... 'foreboding'? Was that the word?

Something so intangible was hardly the forefront of Keith's worries, though, and he had to keep that at the front of his mind. There were likely to be more students losing his mind just like that Brennan loser, and the odds of him running into Jimmy himself, once again, were a bit more than thin. He'd rather not run into anybody for the time being, but he was really, REALLY hoping against that crazy fuck again.

So, when the boy finally happened upon a bit of level ground, it only seemed reasonable to take a rest. There still didn't seem to be anybody nearby as he walked along the half-beaten path, only occasionally slowed by a few brambles or a patch of weeds that had managed to grow in an area that seemed somewhat formed for an otherwise 'middle-of-nowhere' place. Keith wondered a little about that... where was he, anyway? Were they on an island? He wracked his brain to see if the terrorists had mentioned that... did they say that's where they were during the video?

During that horrible assembly?

The boy was lost in thought as he rounded a corner in the path formed by a large boulder and a few dead trees, and this proved to be a bit of a mistake. There was a boy and a girl, both standing up, but also both somewhat short. They were close, though, too close! If one of them had a gun, he was finished, right there! Keith inhaled a sharp breath and took a step back, staring at the two as they had no doubt noticed him at this range.

The girl he recognized as Tabi. Just another girl in the halls, maybe a rumor or two attached to her name, and a couple of classes, but they weren't friends. The other guy was only a face. Maybe the athletic sort, but he couldn't even pinpoint what team he might've played on. Well, if they weren't armed, at least they might be more sane company than-

"Get lost!"

Keith was jarred by this. The short guy had stepped to the side so he could be fully in view of Keith, and was yelling at him. What had HE done?
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