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Alex swiftly darted into the forest, noting that the girl with the gun was still nowhere to be seen. He remembered what his father had taught him. The principles of the hunt were to identify, stalk and attack.

He imagined himself as a lioness (male lions being lazy). How would he approach? From behind? From a flank? So many questions.

Without a sound he dodged through the trees until he spotted the girl. He couldn't see the gun from where he was crouched. He sprinted to a closer tree, taking tiny steps to avoid pebbles and branches.

Alex fired a look around the tree. He smiled as he watched Rena emerge from the trees. His plan would fall together into his hands. Then he would strike and escape. Alex remembered his caffeine pills but decided against taking one. They would be more useful during the night.

All he needed was a few seconds to approach and a strong grab to the throat. He would throw her to the floor and take the gun.
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