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Alex winced painfully as the alcohol was applied to his wound and it was bandaged. His arm felt weak, useless.

"Pretty much. Puts a damper in your whole idealism thing, doesn't it. Heh..."

Alex looked up, his eyes suddenly hard and fierce, focusing through the pain. He looked up at Hayley, seeing the rage and tears in her eyes.

"Fuck you Danya." he thought to himself.

He moved his arm, winced and decided to use the other. He raised his hand to Hayleys cheek, and gently used his thumb to clean off the smudged eyeliner.

"Don't you believe it." he said.

He was near delirious with the pain, but it didn't matter. Hayley was a ball of rage, ready to go off at any minute.

Charlene wasn't much better.

Madelyn was just scared.

He tried to get up, it took him a few attempts, which was scary in and of itself, but he finally stood. His legs felt like jelly, he swayed from side to side with the pain.

"Jonathan is dead." he said. "What did I say? Playing is a zero sum game. Even if you win, you still lose everything." he said.

"You're angry, you're scared, you want to find the biggest stick and put a bigger hurting on the guy who put one on you." he said.

"Forget it. Cause then, you're dead too. Just like Jonathan." he said.

He pressed his hand to his forehead, feeling slightly dizzy. He paused, getting his breath back.

"If we want any chance of succeeding here, we don't just have to be ourselves. We're not good enough. We're stupid and angry and scared and that's exactly what they want us to be." he said.

"We have to be better. We have to be brilliant." he said.

"Anyone who wants to go after Jonathan, go after him. But you're a player if you do and you're no friend of mine if you play." he said.

"As for me, I'm going to the fairground. I'm going to find a way of this island. Damn it, I plan on living. There's to much of life I've not seen yet." he said.

He began to walk away, towards the fairground. He didn't get more than ten steps before another dizzy spell of pain overtook him. He fell forward, screaming out in pain as he landed on his wounded arm.

"Get up you fucking weak fucking asshole" he muttered to himself, his arm throbbing in agony, his voice thick with emotion.
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