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"I don't know, maybe down there? We could find some people or something. Get some supplies, for when we find our crew."

"Sounds like a plan! Bet theres plenty of people out there who're dying to find a way outghta here... Wait, that doesn't sound right... Whatever, I know a couple of people who we can rely on in times of crisis like this. Daniel Vaughan for one! Guy's got a black belt in karate or something... Only problem is, he ain't exactly the brightest bulb on the porch, if you know what I'm sayin'?"

As he blethered on to Everett, blissfully unaware of the fact that the overweight student had already began to make his way down the mountain, his attention drifted off as he took one last look over the vast sight before him. He didn't notice before just how much of a vast sight it was to behold. He could see all across the island from up here... From the fair ground all the way up to the lighthouse near the coast. So big... So very, very big... And Marty was out there somewhere, lost and alone.

How was he holding up right now? Probably scared shitless by now... He wouldn't be playing, Joshua was 100% sure about that. Hell, he doubted anyone would actually play. So sure in fact that he almost threw away his weapon there and then... And yet, for some reason, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. No idea why... Perhaps deep down, he really WAS worried about other people playing... Joshua just shifted those thoughts aside for now as he tucked the metal stick thingey into his pants.

Man, you know what'd be awesome? If Deadpool was here... That'd just kick ASS! He'd be all like "Pow Pow Pow!" and Danya would be all like "AARGHBLGH HELP MEEE!" and Deadpool would be all like "Shut up! You can't hear me shooting you! POW POW!" and then Danya would be like "AAARGHUG You got me!" and then Deadpool would be all like "Hah! Now to break the 4th wall a couple of times!". Hehe, man. I wish I could break the 4th wall. Shame this is all real and stuff... OR IS IT?!?


What? Oh yeah, right...

"Aanyway, I think we ought to start making tracks... You with m..."

At that point he realised that Everett wasn't actually standing there anymore. It took him a while to notice, but eventually he caught sight of him a couple of yards down the mountain path. Woah, gotta admit. He's got initiative, thats for sure...

"YO! Everett-man, wait up!" he called out as he struggled to catch up, tripping over the bench for the third time as he rushed on over.

Don't worry Marty... Help's on the way, you'll see......

((Joshua Krakowski continued in Mad World))
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