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((Miranda Merchant continued from Extinguishing the Light of the Future))
((OoC: This post has been edited to retain continuity))

Miranda was pissed.

It had been a very long time since separating from Garry and the others, in fact night had long since fallen and dawn had once again broke during her travels, but she was no less bitter about the way they'd split up. It had been a stupid plan, in her opinion, and what had annoyed her the most was that the others couldn't see it but her. Garry and Saul were more than content to trail along after Cyrille, and would inevitably end up as fodder when the French girl did something reckless again.

And when the first announcement was broadcast over the island some hours back, Miranda couldn't help but feel a little bit vindicated when Cyrille's name was read out, although she was still terribly saddened that she and all the others had died and all. Garry and Saul's names were not given out, so she assumed they'd managed to get away from Reiko ('never thought she'd be the killing type,' Miranda had thought), the apparent little psycho who'd somehow killed two people in one go.

'Yeah, I made the right decision to leave them behind... I'm sure I did... didn't I?'

Despite feeling extra confident in her decision, the element of doubt still plagued Miranda as she walked through the tree stumps and passed the occasional stack of logs. By splitting off and going her own way, Miranda had possibly put herself in as much, maybe even more danger than Cyrille had done. She was all by herself now, and she had nobody else to rely on or protect her. 'Garry had that massive sword... thingy. What do I have? A length of wire and a rotting branch.'

She held the stick up in front of her. As if solely to taunt her, the branch suddenly broke in two where a particularly mouldy piece of bark finally gave way under gravity. 'Oh, come on, that's just perfect,' Miranda bitterly thought, throwing the remains of the branch onto the grass around her and continuing to walk to destinations unknown.

Miranda's aimless wandering was brought to an abrupt end when she saw a girl sitting against a tree stump in the near distance, holding a compass in her hand with her bag slung over her shoulder.

'Oh no, it's Lily,' Miranda thought, instantly recognising the brunette ahead of her. She'd seen her several times before in and around school, believing her to be always sticking her nose in where it didn't belong, just to get a story for the school newspaper. All-in-all, Miranda thought she was just a big nuisance. 'No way am I hanging around with her. Let's just turn around and pretend I didn't see her-'


Things didn't go quite to plan. Miranda had gone to turn around and walk away from the amateur journalist, but as she turned, her foot painfully collided against a tree stump next to her. "Oww!" she cried out, tripping right over the stump and collapsing onto her front, scrapping her shins against the stump as she fell.

'Way to look where you're going, idiot,' Miranda mentally cursed, hissing as the front of her legs throbbed in pain.
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