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Brock rolled his eyes. Of course they wanted to find buddies, of course they wanted to team up with somebody. That was a far cry from not wanting anything, and pretty much the sort of thing that Brock had been expecting (just behind the reveal of a hidden weapon and a hail of bullets). Alongside the first girl had appeared another, looking comical with a sledgehammer over her shoulder. Somebody else Brock didn't really know or particularly care to know.

"That ain't nothing," Brock said, an edge of annoyance creeping into his voice. "That's saying 'I'm after somebody to look after me and watch my back'. Take a hike, seriously. I ain't interested in baby-sitting somebody I barely know."

Brock didn't usually get wound up like this, but it was a stressful situation, and the ulterior motives of the others had struck a nerve. Always the same, it was always the same. Big dumb dependable Brock could be your muscle, your bodyguard, all it took was a little nudge in the right direction and he'd be defending you all day long. He's just that guillible.

Not anymore...
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