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[[Tobias Elwin continued from The Dilemma]]

It had taken Tobias some time to make his way into the woods from the barren landscape of stumps he woke up in, but the long walk hadn't helped quell the boy's rage at having been attacked and disarmed due to his own naivety. Instead, it had given him plenty of time to both stew in his anger and dwell on the words of his assailant.

Never. Trust. Anyone.

These were the words of wisdom imparted upon him for his willingness to believe that people could be civilized on this uncharted island. He cringed as he rubbed his nearly crushed hand, the pain a constant reminder that he had been beaten and disarmed.

At first, he hadn't understood what drove his classmate to attack both him and that girl who managed to slink off instead of come to his aid when he needed it most. He couldn't comprehend what could drive them to act that way before. But now? Now he knew what it was that drove them to act that way; survival.

Rob had said, no, Rob KNEW that there was no hope of escape. That was why Rob was perfectly willing to attack a girl armed only with a hockey stick and was even willing to try to disarm him of his gun at point-blank range. It was because he KNEW that there was no other option but to survive at any cost.

Since then, he had taken Danya's manual and words much more seriously than before. He knew now that there would only be one winner. One survivor. Just like Rob knew. Of course there would still be people that were naive enough to think they could trust others, just like he had been. They might even work together for a while until they were inevitably betrayed.

Tobias no longer believed that anyone was coming to save them. His long walk had given him plenty of time to realize that there was no way for anyone to know where they were. The military still couldn't even find Osama bin Laden after nearly 7 years of searching. Tobias figured him and his fellow classmates would be lucky to be alive for the next 7 days.

Tobias' mission was now simple: First, find a weapon. Second, survive. Third, If he was lucky enough to find the right tools, see about removing his collar. Then he could really get to work. That was the plan. It was simple; he'd avoid any groups that formed for now and focus on catching someone alone. Then, he would steal their weapon and play the waiting game. Eventually his fellow students would do his dirty work for him and kill each other off. Yes, that's what would happen. And then, once everyone was injured and tired and...


A loud yell in the distance shook Tobias loose from his thoughts and schemes and back into the reality of the game. Someone was nearby. Perhaps this would be the opportunity he needed to get a weapon into his hands once again? With that goal in mind, Tobias carefully made his way through the forest towards the source of yell, deftly avoiding stepping on twigs and breaking branches with a hunter's expertise.

From behind the cover of a shaggy pine tree, Tobias got his first glimpse of two girls that appeared to be engaged in a standoff. One of them was a heavy-set girl in baggy looking attire. The other was a smaller girl mostly clad in black. Neither of them looked to have armed themselves for this particular fight. If they had weapons worth taking, they would probably have been easy targets for him to overpower. Unfortunate. And yet, despite their obvious lack of weaponry, Tobias couldn't bring himself to just walk away.

Maybe they just haven't drawn them yet. Tobias hoped to himself, not wanting to waste a potentially easy opportunity to improve his situation. He couldn't be sure that they didn't have anything useful to him, at least not from this distance. This was too good of a potential opportunity to pass up just because of a little uncertainty. With that in mind, Tobias began to stalk forward from behind his tree, slowly moving closer under the cover of several trees to observe his potential prey.
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