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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Liam "Brook" Brooks continued from Flowerhead))

Brook had not objected to the change of course when Jason suggested it. Then again, in his stage of mind, he probably would've jumped off of a cliff if Jason had asked him to. His state of mind was still locked in something that could easily be taken advantage of, and the worst part was that the gentle gardener was fully aware of it - he was aware of his weakness, his general uselessness, how he was so close to just crumpling into a lifeless ball of sobs until he had been pulled out of it by his friends.

He hated being that person. He yearned and starved for an ounce of strength, even just enough to put up a facade for Maf, Jason and Nathan, to show them that he could travel with them. He had shown them nothing but a nervous wreck, though, and continued to do so. To top it all off... against it all, in the face of all of this, they all seemed to still be supporting him.

It was then that it struck Brook; you made friends in high school, but in a place like this hell he had been placed in, that's where the friendships are tested.

As the four boys headed to their new destination, Brook had been doing one of two things. The first thing was toying with the weapon in his hand, which had been the only thing that he had kept out of his daypack. Everything else had to be shoved back in, including the manual, since it was a little hard to read it and work the gun at the same time while walking. The other thing he had been doing while idly manipulating the tool that he really didn't want to use was looking at his three companions, one after another.

You know what? We're... we're gonna be okay if we stick together. I just know it. I'm the weakest link right now, but I'll man up soon, I always do. Just... I have to fight through this panic. I WILL fight through this!

Once they had actually arrived at the mountain (at least, Brook guessed it was THE mountain... it was the only remotely mountainous area he had seen, even if the peak was a little less than profound), Brook's enthusiasm began to bolster. All four of them were in pretty good shape, since they were all either on track, cross country, or football. All athletic kids, all armed with guns... it only further convinced Brook that everything was simply meant to be okay. He would be fine, all they had to do was find somewhere safe, all learn how to use their weapons, and scare everybody away!

Then Jason began to climb a rocky ledge.

Well, THIS certainly had deja vu written all over it. Brook's eyes were locked on Jason, hoping that in some convoluted way, his gaze would lock Jason to the ledge and prevent him from falling off. The other boy's hands went to his eyes, then signalled 'four'.

.... Four what?

Brook mulled that over for a bit, then nearly slapped himself. Four of what... HONESTLY. There were four students over the ledge Jason was looking at, though that didn't help with with who they were. Earlier, his ears caught a male voice, maybe another male voice, but Brook recognized neither right off the bat. Kids here sounded... different. The amount of stress imbued in their bodies changed them for the worse, making them darker, more sullen.

In anticipation for things going horribly wrong, Brook readied his weapon. He wasn't even sure it was loaded properly yet, but the gun seemed a bit heavier then he thought it should have been (it just looked... so small and pathetic). He also couldn't find a safety anywhere on the weapon, but according to the others, there was supposed to be a button somewhere that would unlock it or... something. Brook really wasn't sure, as the others' guns just looked so much better. Maybe his was old, or homemade, or something, and really had no safety.

... Well. That was just dangerous.
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