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"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Charlene screamed in pain.

"AAAHHHHHHH!" Madelyn screamed in surprise, wincing as she quickly removed her hand from the wound on Charlene's calf. She hadn't meant to hurt Charlene, but she still felt a twinge of guilt nonetheless. OK, noooooo touchie. Definitely no touchie.

"Whuh - what the hell?" Charlene asked, shaken from the daze she was in by the pain of Madelyn's touch. Madelyn continued to pour water on the wound as Charlene's gaze became fixated on the wound.

"What happened? What did he do?" "What the fuck did he do?"

The intensity in Charlene's eyes as she demanded to know what happened made Madelyn nervous. Madelyn barely knew anything about the girl beyond her popularity and a few unproven rumors that circulated the halls of the school. Plus the fact that she was armed with a gun, and Madelyn had been unsure if she trusted her before Jon had shot her. She was already riled up from having just been shot as well; what if she suddenly turned violent? Madelyn hoped it wouldn't come to that.

"He, umm... He... He shot you, Charlene." Madelyn nervously admitted before preemptively trying to calm her down. "But Alex totally tried to save you! He dove in there like... like some kind of super-hero that takes bullet wounds for other people and got shot in the arm! He probably saved your life. Totally cool. You should remember to thank him, heh heh heh..."

Madelyn had a tendency to talk a lot when she was nervous. She couldn't help but keep spewing out words like verbal diarrhea. It was as if her mouth wanted to betray her at any given moment by blurting out something that shouldn't have been said. Luckily, she had somehow refrained from mentioning that it was partly Charlene's fault Jon had snapped in the first place. That probably wouldn't have gone over so well with the injured girl with the gun.

Unfortunately, now that she had started talking, she was having trouble shutting up.

"So, uh, now that you're up and stuff, and since I don't want to hurt you again, do you think you can help me wrap this up with gauze? If we stop the bleeding, it should heal up, right? I'll keep pouring the water to keep it clean if you want. It doesn't look too deep, so if we keep it clean and bandage it I don't think it will get infected." She continued to blurt out as she handed Charlene the open medkit beside her. "Nope, won't be too bad at all, right?"
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