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They see me walking, they hating
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As soon as Dawne determined nobody would notice her if she stood up, Dawne promptly did so, moving away from the rapidly expanding group. Her face was still burning, but she tried her best to ignore it, glancing at the horizon to see if she could see anything. It didn't take long for her to see the mountain peak. She had been reluctant to go near it before, on account of other people probably getting the same idea. Right now though, it was all she had going.

Dawne made her way towards the mountain, thinking about where her friends might be. If she knew Rekka, he would be somewhere forested, unless there was a river. Either way, she needed to find somewhere outdoorsy. If she could find him, then that would be a huge weight off her shoulders. Rekka would protect her. He would find somewhere where they could stay, away from others, and spend what little time they had together. Just her and her love...

((Dawne Jiang continued in What She Came For))
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