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More people. Gloria whipped her head towards the sounds, some of the hair that escaped her ponytail falling over her forehead and sticking there thanks to the sweat she'd been working up. She hugged herself tighter, breathing harsh and irregular, and even though the newcomer (I don't recognize this one...I don't know this one! she thought in a panic) claimed he wouldn't kill them, Gloria drew back away from him.

She'd like to trust people-but her friends, or anyone she was acquainted with. Strangers, she didn't know. They'd want to kill her, not anyone else. My friends...Simon, Dirk, Rob...where are you? Gloria couldn't help but wonder. She hoped they were alright...they'd have to find each other soon-stick together.

"W-We're...i-in d-d-d-dark..." Gloria whispered, shaking a bit again. "N-Nothing but d-d-dark and cold...I-I don't...d-d-don't l-like cold," she hiccuped.
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