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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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For a moment, Ivan had felt... a little bad.

Not about making Tabi patch up his wound like that, hell no. He could hardly bear to look at or touch it, and considering it was her fault anyway, it was her job. No, he felt a little bad about laying into her so hard, rubbing it in that it was her fault. He had seen people on the court who liked to rub in the fact that they had just won. Ivan despised those types of people, and there were plenty of parallels to be drawn between them and how he had just acted.

But it WAS her fault, even so.

Ivan attempted to justify it, but he was having doubts about just how much Tabi had really caused. He could have just left her there to Etain and Clio, but with Clio there, and Etain's apparent lack of sense (and intelligibility), perhaps she wouldn't have made it out of there. Why did he care? He didn't know, but it was very possible Ivan just didn't want to be alone. There was a new thought...

But then again, the fact that he did get her out of there, and was injured for doing so, she should at least be thankful. And yet again (again), it was Ivan's choice... not hers.

Fine. I'll stop yelling at her, but I don't have to like-

His thoughts had drawn his mind away from the pain in his arm for a while, but he could only keep up the wall for so long. Tabi had been tending to his wounds, wiping and cleaning, and had apparently found some sort of spray. He didn't know how, since in his rush to find the bandage, he didn't see the anti-septic spray and hadn't really been listening to her as she was working on him, and as such, the jet of the spray had come as a bit of a shock. It hurt, and he hissed loudly to let Tabi know that it hurt, but he didn't move, and continued to focus his stare elsewhere.

Mere moments later, Ivan could feel the final touches to the gauze bandage being placed on his arm. It wasn't as though he had just gone to the nurse's office or something, but as he slowly, tentatively shifted his right arm to feel only a minimal haze of pain (to be expected from being shot), he realized that Tabi at least had some knowledge of what she had just been doing; at the very least, that was another reason to justify keeping her around.

As she had finished up and Ivan was testing the healing, though, Tabi had said something. A few things which... seemed rather basic. Well, not his name. It came to no surprise that Tabi didn't know who he was, yet he knew her. It was that way for a lot of the students, and he liked it that way some of the time, but he honestly wished that people would acknowledge his presence on the tennis team, and as its captain. They could keep the acknowledgement silent, sure, but at least it would be there.

"... I'm Ivan," he said as he stood up, trying to contain his patience. "... You're Tabi. That's not important. What IS is that we're on an island, fighting to the death. Clio is playing the game, she wants us dead. I'm not playing, but don't think that makes me some hero or anything."

Ivan tapped the bandage with his finger for a second. Damn... she really did do a good job.

"Because there are no heroes here. You understand?"
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