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"...Pick it up Dave. We're not going to kill you...as long as you don't do anything stupid."

"Stupid, right," he laughed, eyes darting here and there. "Like running? Is running stupid? Can I run?"

He wasn't unaware of the fact that he was acting crazy. In point of fact, he was keenly aware of just how edged his every word sounds, of the nervous energy which cracked at his voice with every opportunity, like an elephant reluctantly penned or a tiger growling in its cage. He was frantic with it, to the point where his mind buzzed with staticky half-thoughts and his body actually twitched every now and again, barely held in place.

Someone had started screaming earlier, but David, held up at gun and sword point, and barely registered them. Alice--not hard to remember her name, she had a remarkably thick accent--had stumbled into them, followed shortly by Jimmy Robertson--the football player who'd gotten beat up earlier that year.

"Hey! Is everything okay?"

Julian didn't even bother checking to see if he was alright, but then there were a lot of people now. He hadn't meant to intrude...he didn't want to be with other people.

"G-good," he stammered, as it looked like he was in no danger of an immediate and very painful death. "That's...good." He slowly picked up his bag and lifted it over his shoulder. "I'll, uh...I'll leave."

He had only gone a few steps when he spied someone a little ways away. They had what was clearly a photograph in one hand and a map on their lap; Alan Rickhall, the kid who liked to act. Kinda quiet, and at the moment he looked a little distraught.

To his surprise, David discovered he had calmed since his encounter with the others--apparently, he thought, the corners of his lips twitching, he found something soothing in being threatened with weapons. "Hey," he called, approaching Alan. "Are, uh...are you okay?"

He understood about having your head in a mess. His thoughts still hadn't quieted, but it seemed the least he could do.
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