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(Carly Jean Dooley continued from Woods of Paranoia)

There were voices. Somewhere in the building, there were other people. She could hear snippets of what they were saying; they echoed, bounced around the looming metal walls and absurdly high ceiling of this place. Carly hoped that meant that they were far away from her, on the other side of the building. She was sweaty and tired and still shaking whenever she heard a noise, and she'd been drinking some of her water and didn't want to think about what would happen when she needed to pee, but she'd gotten to this place without being killed or attacked or even seen (she hoped), and that was something to be proud of

After leaving Keith far behind her, Carly kept running, trying to keep a straight line through the woods. She'd tried using the map to figure out where she was, but that had just gotten her confused and made her want to tear the stupid map into little pieces. And she'd almost done that, before coming to her senses and realizing that might be a bad idea.

That stupid book thing though? THAT she didn't need, and so by the time she'd finally found the edge of the woods and seen the northeast part of the island stretched out before her, a trail of shredded paper had been littered throughout the forest. She'd had no clue how long she'd been running, at one point she'd tried to check what time it was on her cell phone only to find out that those fucking jerks had taken it. Like she'd be able to get any reception from wherever the hell this island was, her parents had like the crappiest phone plan on earth.

But that didn't matter, what DID matter was that she finally knew where she was, and after making an initial beeline towards the town before seeing all 6'5" of Rob Jenkins moving towards a house in the distance, freaking out, and retreating, she'd made a detour around that area and ended up here. Yes, this would be much better. The town would probably be full of people. Murdering people, who would kill her.

Here she could hide.

Carly crept down the narrow corridors, trying to move away from the spot she guessed the voices might be coming from. Left, right, straight, right, yellow crates, red crates, blue crates, god it looked like a high school locker room for giants or something but that was good, that meant more places she could get away from everyone else. Yes, she could just find one of the crates and hide in there, there was no way they could check every single box in this place.

Finally, she came to a long alley that ran down one corner of the warehouse, terminating at the wall furthest away from the entrance. She thought, at least, after a few turns she wasn't really sure where the entrance was anymore but that was all fine, that would just make it harder for anyone to track her down.

She grabbed the steel latch of the nearest shipping crate with both hands, and yanked. And yanked again. And again. And again, before she saw the ridiculously huge padlock keeping the crate shuttered.

"Ohhhhhh, comeon......" Carly whined, trying to keep her voice down. She yanked again, only succeeding in getting flakes of red paint to rub off on her palms. She ran to another one, finding the same situation there. Her hands balled themselves into fists. Why couldn't they just be unlocked? Why did things have to be so hard for her? WHY WAS IT ALL SO UNFAIR?

Of course, it was all because of her. If it had been anyone else coming into this place, they'd find a crate just fine, but nooooo, because it was Carly Jean Dooley, they all had to be locked, it was all just like some big fucking joke that nothing could ever go right for her. It was all the universe's BIG FUCKING COSMIC JOKE, it had seen Carly stroll in here and was all "what, you think you can do something right? HAHAHA, look at you, stupid girl, you just don't get it, do you?"

Finally, Carly found something at the end of the aisle. Between the last corridor and the wall, there was a spot, just barely wide enough for her to squeeze into. It was dusty and dark and probably disgusting and full of rats and god knows what, but it was better than nothing. She shouldn't have expected anything better.

Carly shoved her way into the gap, her shoulders rubbing against the sides as she did. It was slow going, but after she'd made it the length of the crate, there was an open space to her left. But it was pitch black in that direction. Tentative, she stuck an arm out into the darkness, encountering nothing. She took a few steps forward.

The alcove was still narrow, but at least it was wide enough that she wasn't bumping her shoulders and count turn around if she needed to. Still, she shuffled one foot at a time. Her breathing was loud enough that she thought the whole island could probably hear her. Her pulse was pounding, she could feel it pulsating from her heart all the way up to her brain. It was so dark, she couldn't stay her, no even if she needed to hide it was too dark.... oh she was so fucking stupid!

Carly dropped her bag in front of her and fumbled blindly for the zipper, ripping the pack open. Her hands dove in and rummaged around until they found the flashlight, and then the area was lit up.

The alcove was about fifteen feet long, and she guessed she was between the backs of two crates. Turning around, she could see the warehouse wall, and the gap she'd used to get here. The floor was covered in dust and the air was stale, but it was somewhere she could call her own.

She switched off the flashlight, and sank down in the darkness, hugging her knees with her back against the crate. Like she should've expected anything better than this. It was all. SO. UNFAIR.

Bowing her head, Carly started to cry again. She wept quietly, but she couldn't seem to stop. All she'd wanted to do was hide. Was that too much to ask? Was it too much to ask that she could find a nice comfortable place instead of this miserable hole? She just wanted to hide, to keep away from everyone else on this island.

She just didn't want to die. Was that too much to ask for?

And she kept crying because she knew the answer.
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