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Allie nearly jumped out of her damn skin when the girl sat up, yelled, and balled her fists up, ready to punch her out. Allie took a couple of slow steps back, until she heard a large crunch. She jumped and looked around, discovering that she'd basically just freaked out over crushing a twig.

Well Allie, not only have you just embarrassed yourself in front of a girl you've never met before, you did it on live TV. Way to go.

She looked back at the girl, who was messing around with a piece of fabric or something. She'd managed to get what Allie could only assume to be the leg of her cut-off shorts and held it up to Allie. What the hell was she doing? Had she hurt herself? Maybe that was why she was lying on the floor. She seemed to sit up fine, though, so Allie guessed she couldn't be hurt that bad if that was the case.

The girl started to talk about getting out of there alive and stuff like that, waving the pant leg about. Allie wasn't exactly sure why. Was she threatening her? She hadn't done anything to warrent it, all she'd done was say Hi... Allie picked up the fact that she didn't sound very confident about it. Perhaps she was intimidated by her? Allie didn't really think she COULD be intimidating, but whatever. Intimidation helped, right? She hoped it would.

The girl ripping the chain off of the pant leg, however, quickly changed her mind. Was she going to use it as a weapon? It didn't look like something that would hurt that much, but Allie really didn't want to find out, either way. She had to say something to diffuse the situation.

"Sorry, but... um..." Allie stopped herself. She spent a moment to think over what she was going to say. She had no clue what the girl's intentions were at this point. Allie wouldn't have been surprised if she just jumped up and tried to throttle her. "I'm not a threat, don't worry."
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