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Violetta sighed when she heard that both of the boys hadn't seen her girlfriend, struggling to get the disappointment out of her expression. She knew that the odds of them having seen her girlfriend were...almost miniscule, at least. After all, the game had just started and they were on a big honking island. It wasn't anything like school, at least. Still, at least the two of them seemed to be okay with teaming up and frankly, that was a huge plus in her book. 'I've got to look at the bright side of life...if I don't, this whole thing is just going to make me crazy.'

"As for other people I'd like to find....well, probably Samantha Ridley, if any of you have heard of her. She was a friend of mine...you know how it is, right? You never want to see your friends be in danger. She's a blond...kind of slim. About this tall?" She explained, trying to give her new allies some picture of what her friend looked like. "Also, just so you know in case we ever get separated, Cyrille has this green beret she treasures like it was the world. If you see that, she's definitely going to be around."

She took in a deep breath, looking around their location for any sign of cameras or speakers. She didn't have to look hard, though, and she just sighed and shrugged. She tugged on a clump of her dyed-crimson hair and absentmindedly began to chew on it. "Escape...I'm not good with deep plans or things like that. Sorry...it's just not my thing. The first thing is getting these collars off our necks though, right? If we can find some way to disable them, then half of the battle's already won."
"Oh god dammit, I lost my sense of humor around here. Someone help me find it."


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