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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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((Jason Harris continued from Flowerhead))

The group of boys had been hiking for quite some time now. Originally the plan had been to head to town, hole up and see what they could do from there, once a base of operations was established. However after some consultation between the boys the fact that the town could, and most likely would be a cluster fuck made that idea a little less appealing. From the quick inventory the group had made Jason was unsure whether every student had been assigned a gun or not. The four of them certainly had and if this was the case he strongly suspected that the town would be a prime example of a paint ball match gone terribly wrong although in this case the mental image included less paint and more bullets whizzing through the streets. So instead they had opted to head towards the mountain, hopefully get to the radio tower and secure that location instead.

The reasoning behind this was twofold. Firstly they strongly doubted many of the students would bother with the long hike associated with reaching the structure and secondly it was remote enough and probably well built enough to work as a good primary rally point. Plus the mountain was a excellent landmark. The trip itself had been relatively uneventful, from time to time they had spotted figures possibly moving in the distance and had made a wide berth around the smoking ruins of the sawmill, despite protests from some of the group members to investigate. Although from time to time conversation perked up most of the trip was relatively sullen and sombre with little said over long periods of time. They had briefly toyed with the idea of moving all the gear in to one pack and storing any excess in a hidden cache if needed elsewhere but Jason had deferred to Nathan in this instance and instead opted to scout ahead of the group as they reached the mountainous area ahead.

He never strayed too far from the group but had handed his bag over to the trio following in order to make himself a little lighter on his feet. It wasn't too long before the loud, demanding voice of Jeremy Franco reached his ears. Motioning for the group to hold up Jason scrambled up the rocky surface to try and gain a good view of the potential enemies, or allies ahead. Peeking over the rock formation Jason watched as Jeremy finished his sales pitch.

Turning back to the group who waited a little below he signalled. First pointing to his eyes and then holding up four fingers, mouthing the words "I see four people" He thought for a second on how to convey the lack of guns and that two were male and two were female before frowning.

Probably should of thought that out before hand, hell we had enough time.

He glanced back at the group on the small plateau before motioning for them to move up.

If we get around them we probably can control the situation, hopefully Nathan will make a call. Once again probably should of thought this through

Having second thoughts Jason started to move again, deciding the best cause of action would be to regroup and then discuss what to do. It just so happened that his foot slipped ever so slightly, causing a few rocks and pebbles to careen down the side of the outcrop of where he was standing. The Australian froze mid climb, his left hand on his gun while the other pulled out to steady his balance. He definitely didn't want to cause any kind of rock slide and he hoped that none of the people he watched had heard him.

He watched with baited breath as one of the pebbles bounced and rolled its way across the ground before finally resting at Cody's foot.

Well fuck.
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