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Remaining in her hopeless, self-pitying stupor, Jackie was just about to roll over and grab a candy bar out of her backpack when a loud, overly cheerful voice jerked her back into reality.

"WHOA!" She yelled, sitting straight up with her fists ready to pummel her assailant... who turned out to just be some fat chick. Jackie'd seen her before, but she hadn't realized she still went to the school. As far as Jackie could tell, the girl had dropped out after junior year. The hell was she doing here? Keep your guard up keep your guard up keep your guard up. Jackie had spent years trying to convince the world she could hurt it if she wanted to, and she would be damned if it had all been for nothing. She tried to take the chain off of her discarded pantleg bottom for an improvised weapon, but when it refused to come off after a couple seconds of fiddling, she simply held it up with her hand, fabric and all.

"Look, lady, I know we all wanna get out of here alive..." Oh Christ, what was she saying? "But if... if you come any closer, I'll- I'll hurt you." Only when she finished talking did Jackie realize how ridiculous this all was. She was threatening a larger person with a pantleg, and worst of all, she couldn't even get out her threatening speech without stuttering like an idiot. Could she even take this bitch? People get fat because they're not fit, so they're not strong, right? Or was size enough to overpower her? Maybe she'd run off if she just pushed her a couple times, like Rebecca did when they were younger? Of course, that was all meaningless if the girl happened to be toting anything more powerful than freaking glow in the dark fangs. At that moment, the fabric finally fell away, leaving Jackie with a metal chain dangling from her left hand.

This is going to suck.
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