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After chucking the gunpowder, Andrea stood her ground with a twisted grin on her face and gunpowder stuck to her sweaty palm, just long enough to relish the moment of victory expressed in Alex's surprise. Then he turned to her, blinking. And angry. Eep.

She backpedaled, hands up, nearly tripping over her own feet, when Alex's attention shifted to a charging Nick Reid, and she was able to right the ship before she went down. Awesome sauce. Andrea owed that guy a drink at some point.

'Course, she did save his ass first.

Slowing her pace, she edged closer to the treeline, and watched the rest of the fight play itself out. For a moment she was afraid she might have to come in with her ass-kicking, day-saving gunpowder toss again, but then it seemed the skirmish was over. She could feel her heartbeat begin its slow journey back to the land of normality.

From there, Nick took off, sprinting to the trees like he'd realized his daily allotted supply of bravery had been tapped. What, no thank you?

"You're fucking welcome, Nick Reid!" she called out, then turned and started jogging away. This group session was done with and she wasn't going to stick around to see what Alex thought of her pitching arm.

She got a few feet before the realization hit her. Shit. Nick's pills. They were still there.

She should have grabbed them while the boys were distracted. Nick had said they were Buproprion, and that meant they were the same as the Wellbutrin she had, and that in turn meant they might be useful. Couldn't hurt to grab them, in any case.

Well, unless she went back and a pissed off Alex White beat her to death.

She'd just scope out the situation, real quick. Turning on her heel, she retraced her last few steps and took a peek.

Instead of raging, Alex was just standing there, apologizing. Andrea didn't think he was talking to her or Nick, or anyone in particular.

She stood there a moment, When he called out again, her mouth twisted. He'd made a mistake? What, did he expect her to come up and offer him a hug or some shit? Jackass.

Jesus, why the hell had he attacked them anyway? Her and Nick had just been chilling out, going over their pharmaceutical supplies and making snarky remarks about his stick, and-- oh yeah.

Andrea didn't know much about Alex, hell she didn't even know if they'd had any classes together. But when you run in certain circles you hear things, and while she'd never actually sold to him, she knew that Alex had a taste for the same line of drugs that she did. And SOTF wasn't always as... generous with supplies as they had been with hers. Could be the reason he got so pissed.

Even if it was though, that was still a pretty fucking lame excuse. But what the hell. Wellbutrin was pretty crap and she already had a bottle of the stuff. Besides, this was SOTF. And poor Alex White, he really didn't stand a chance.

"Hey Alex. Those pills of Nick's, they're stimulants. Kinda suck from my experience, but uh, might help. Don't fucking follow me."

She smiled, then turned and jogged off, ready to up her speed if it looked like Alex might want to follow. She'd made her Survival of the Fittest debut, and as far as Andrea was concerned, it had been a smashing success. Obviously they wouldn't all be this easy, but she could deal with whatever came. Now it was time to plan, to draw on the knowledge she had and figure out where she was going to go from here.

Survivor of the Fittest, Version 4. It was going to be her game.

Andrea Raymer was made for this.

(Andrea Raymer continued in Can't Fall Down)
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