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Garry looked back down from the sky and saw Reiko sprint away, leaving him behind with the one dead girl and the one that was badly injured. Garry wanted to yell at her, he wanted to scream his lungs out for her to get back and help him.

'No, she can't help. She was the one who caused all this in the first place, she had to have been,' Garry thought, relucantly accepting the fact that Sally's death and Cyrille's injuries were indeed caused by the pint-sized Asian girl who had vanished amongst the vegetation by now.

"Look, everything... everything's going to be okay, okay?" he reassured Cyrille, but he knew the words coming out of his mouth were only forming a great big lie. Maybe with emergency surgery on the bloody back wound, maybe then there would be a chance Cyrille would pull through. But no, they were stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere and equipped with nothing more than mediocre first aid kits. There was virtually nothing he could do to save her life, no matter how much he wanted to.

His eyes caught some sudden movement coming from the girl. "C-Cyrille, don't move," Garry softly spoke, fearing that the girl's actions were going to end up making the injuries even worse. He watched her reaching for her beret, gripping her hand around the headpiece, and then she did something unexpected.

She placed the beret on his head.

"Cyrille, what are you-?" he started to ask, before Cyrille started talking to him in a pained voice that made his heart sink into his guts. He listened intently to the dying girl's instructions, taking in the information so he knew what to do. 'Find Violetta, give her the beret, tell her that Cyrille loves her and tell her not to seek revenge against Reiko. So... was it all an accident then?'

He nodded gently as she finished, understanding what needed to be done. "I will, Cyrille, I will." Garry noticed the lower half of his vision was blurring and waving; tears were forming in his eyes. Cyrille's hand gently ran down his face, stroking his beard as she smiled at him for a final time. She closed her eyes, Garry doing the same as right in front of him, Cyrille LaBlanche passed away.

"Au... au revoir, Cyrille," Garry quietly said, sniffing and wiping away the tears in his eyes. He reached up with his hand and pulled the beret off his matted black hair, gazing at it for a short while before putting it back on his head. There and then, he decided he was going to wear the beret until he found Violetta, doing it as a mark of respect for Cyrille. 'I have to find her as soon as... hold on...'

"Oh shit!"

Garry had completely overlooked one thing; he didn't have a clue what Violetta looked like. Aside from the hockey team and some people in his class, he didn't converse much, if at all with the other students in his grade. 'Maybe she'd recognise the beret if she saw me?' Garry thought. 'Yeah, that could help, and perhaps I could ask others if they've seen her, or what she looks like.' And that was when he remembered something, or rather, someone crucial. 'Saul!'

His friend was still back at the tunnels, at least when he'd last seen him, and Garry knew that it would be a lot easier to find Violetta if he had someone else to aid him. 'I need to get a move on, I hope he hasn't left the place.' Garry got up off his knees and surveyed the scene in front of him. Sally was resting just past Cyrille's body, the abandoned sai still sticking out of her throat. The idea of pulling the weapon out of Sally's neck appalled him, but he figured that if he left it there, someone else could come across the place and take it. Someone else who had murderous ambitions.

Garry knelt beside Sally's corpse and scrunched his eyes up, placing his hand around the sai's grip and pulling up hard. The sai slid out with little resistance, Garry quickly leaping away from the body and then hurriedly wiped the blood off the blade on the ground. "I don't know what happened before I got here, but neither of you deserved this," he spoke, looking up and locating a camera mounted in a nearby tree. He suddenly felt rage building up inside him, having realised that the terrorists had been watching the girls' deaths the entire time, broadcasting the events across the country. "You hear that, Mr. Danya, or whatever your damn name is?! None of us deserve this, but you of all people most definitely do!" he roared.

Glad to have vented his anger, he grabbed his bags and placed the sai inside one of them, then picked up the ji. He gave one final look at Cyrille and Sally before setting off, the beret still firmly sitting atop his head. 'Saul, Violetta, I promise I'll find you guys,' he thought.

((Garry Villette continued in Stamina))
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